Looking towards…

Early Spring Nite

Where I live in RL the trees are starting to bud, daffodils are popping out and you just are excited to be looking for Spring ~ yes that is RL and looking around in SL am very excited that Little Branch has some new trees and flowers for you to decorate your home…I wanna quote something that describes their items “Imagine a virtual world with scenery so realistic you can almost reach out and touch it, where you can switch between seasons at the click of a button.” Exactly and perfectly said as you cannot see in the above image but when you go to Little Branch’s Inworld store and look at how gentle the sway is in the leaves or the details in the flowers you will be amazed and possible take another look…this is what I love the quality and detail that goes into each of their trees as most have 4 seasons, animated and so realistic ~ on the left side the trees are all Hazelnut with the far left is Autumn and the one next is Winter ~ on the right both trees are Katsura also 4 seasons one Summer and one Autumn ~ ooh yes don’t forget the gorgeous Bouton d’or flowers in lavender, pink, and yellow ~ giving a very serene and peaceful look to my little lighthouse…Please take my Ride to Little Branch, walk around on the well landscaped grounds, into the open warehouses and possibly purchase a couple of trees and flowers for your land ~ you will not be disappointed ♥

Items used in post:

LB_Bouton d’or Pink{Field}
LB_Bouton d’or Yellow{Rounded-Field}
LB_Bouton d’or Lavender{Rounded-Field}
Trompe Loeil – Marin Lighthouse

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