Laundry day

With all the clothes in my closet guess there comes a time when you need to clean some of your favorites ~ this is not one of my favorite things to do especially in RL ~ seriously not sure if it is just the whole process or having to fold and put away and if I was rich, which is probably never gonna happen I would have someone just to come in and do my laundry ~ now you might call me pampered or spoiled but until I left home my Mom would do all mine for me ~ that was one of the things looking back on those memories how truly great a Mom she was ~ never thought about what she really did but she truly had a very hard job raising 3 children and a husband who at times was very old school ~ dinner at a specific time mostly meat, potatoes and a veggie and we said grace, elbows off the table and my Mom barely having time to sit down and eat as most time she ate at the sink or the kitchen counter ~ pausing to reflect as I can say it has been over 18 years now and there are times that I miss her so much it hurts ♥ funny we were both very strong females so you can only imagine some of our battles ~ anyway nuff of my rambling and my outfit is a little bit of this and that from inside my closet but need to give you a closeup of my face so you can see some of the Powder Pack goodies from this month.

Skin and Makeup from Powder Pack/February

If you are not aware of Powder Pack it is a subscription box that every other month will feature items strictly for Catwa ~ the other months feature Lelutika ~ Strawberry Singh does a nice YouTube video unpacking and showing you all the items ~ here is her link for this month as I like listening to her and watching her unpack the items ~ the box has a total of 12 designers that create something exclusive for Catwa owners ~ it is a nice way to be introduced to skins that you might not ever know or try ~ most of the items are fatpack another plus…Cost wise might tend to be a tad pricey except now it is coming every other month so you have plenty of time to save your Lindens ~ here is the link to Powder Pack so you can possibly reserve or buy a box…welp laundry needs to be put in the dryer so till next time be good to yourself and kind to others ♥♥

Credits go to all the designers of this month’s Powder Pack ~ shot at Backdrop City using Pseudo Backdrop/Laundrymat and Pose by R.icielli ~ Wall pose #2

Izzie’s Shimmer Eyeshadow & Lipsticks PP/Feb
AG Gabbie Skin PP/Feb
Mudskin Eat my Lips PP/Feb
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
Celtic Myst “Eternally” Claddagh Platinum Ring
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
Decoy – Marissa Sweater: (Maitreya)
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Starfall
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[hh] Adrena Lace Up Boots
[hh] Adrena Necklace BLACK
[hh] Adrena Shorts MAITREYA
^^Swallow^^ Shiny Ear
*YS&YS* Illy catya shape tweaked

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