One Billion Rising

One Billion Rising KIOSKs 

Besides being Valentine’s Day it is the day that all of us should Rise up in Solidarity against the exploitation of Women ~ did you know that one in 3 females will be raped, will be beaten during their lifetime…that statistic itself is staggering and truly makes me sad as I am as they say #METoo…But am not going to say I am a victim instead will tell you that I am a survivor and standing up to make EVERYONE aware this needs to change and this year in SL and the world comes a revolution to Rise up and demand Justice ~ do not remain silent ~ let your voice be heard if your are one of the #METOO ~ let your voice be heard if you see something, demand for justice for that female or male that is sexually harassed whether on the job or what ~ no one should be subjected to this…the above image will be placed at various locations for you to click on and receive information that will explain about One Billion Rising, how you can help, where to go, as this is world wide there will be also information for different countries along with websites as well…please take time to click one of these kiosks to keep informed…

Standing on the OBR bridge

SL has always been a platform for various events and One Billion Rising is no exception ~ from a day of dancing as there will be various DJ’s and Performers to entertain you there is a lot to take in so please please take a moment out of your day to visit ~ walk around ~ take in the exhibits, get involved and enjoy the gifts that are there as well…as Oprah said “NOW IS THE TIME ~ a new day is coming” Let us make a difference too…thank you ♥♥ Here is my HEARTMOBILE so that you can take a moment out of celebrating Valentine Day and go see what this is about ~ there is a lot to see ~ hugzz to each of you and am not forgetting to wish each of you a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ♥♥♥ Below is a Map that you can see all the various stages and exhibits ~

OBR map

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