LaLa Heart

LaLa Heart by Nerenzo

I just wanna say this is such a gorgeous hanging chair by Nerenzo ~ and the creator Vic has  included 3 versions of this chair as you see one version above that is floating without stands or wires ~ then you do have the hanging one, and one that comes with a stand…Also 10 sets of different fabric textures, 5 frame changes, turn the lights off and much more for you to discover…

Sten and I enjoying our latest LALA Heart 

Now to all the poses that are stored inside this chair you might think this is super prim heavy but not really at this has a total of only 8 prims and I did mention or not there are over 260 different animations inside this chair ~ WOW that is a lot and rather me even mentioning some Sten tells me just set out my HEARTMOBILE so you can go directly to the store and try it out ~ he grinz as he looks at the variety of poses ~ oh yeah we won’t be bored for a long time ~ and it is also on MARKETPLACE on sale as a Valentine Special till the 16th so do not procrastinate on this ~

Huge thank you to Vic for giving us the opportunity to blog his latest items ~ Sten and I truly love all his products and have never been disappointed with any of them ♥

Items used:
LB_ RedPoppies{Field}
Hayabusa Design – Sakura Tsyu Kosade M17-1 v1-1G
Nerenzo LaLa Heart1 – adult

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