Fairytale fantasy…

Fairytale Fantasy

Nestled among the Magnolia trees and the Weeping Willow lies a bed that looks like it is fit for a springtime fairytale ~ where the pink & red flowers were placed just so to give it color and the fluffy grass so toes would not be hurt…yes a fairytime fantasy that looks gorgeous sitting out there waiting to be enjoyed by prince and princesses…we must look closer ~

Springtime bed 

The steel canopy arches forming a center point for the candelabra along with the fluffy pillows that lay on the bed and aside of it ~ even a nice pillow puff to sit and read on as there is a table lamp ~ shhhh I think I hear them coming back we better get out of the way…but stick around will tell you how you can have your own fairytale fantasy ~

The gorgeous trees, flowers and grass are from Little Branch that the detail is truly fit not only for Royals but for us too ~ as the trees are so detailed you will stand in wonder as each are 4 seasons and have a soft blowing breeze to them ~ The Springtime bed will be found at the Secret Garden only that is from Once Upon Time ~ part of Secret Gardens hunt for those elusive butterflies ~ please take my magical transporter to Secret Garden  and my HEARTMOBILE to Little Branch and while you are there please walk around as the creators of the Sim have made it into a photographers haven ~ Enjoy ♥

Used in the above images as was all shot at my Residence

LB_ RedPoppies{Field}
Once Upon Time… Spring Messy Bed
Once Upon Time… Flower Pillow Puff
Once Upon Time… Spring Night Table Flower

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