Lovely Landscape…


Am so in love with Little Branch and how they have truly helped with decorating my land, from the trees and grass my Lighthouse now looks the way I pictured it with 2 kinds of  grasses, cattails as well as Mango Trees, Orange Trees, those gorgeous trees with the flowers and the Giant Beech tree giving the Lighthouse that weathered look ~ fitting perfectly into our land ~ yes there is that saying a pic is worth 1,000 words BUT truly you have to go the L.B. main store and gives all these trees a better look as the detail and the realistic quality just is overwhelming ~ all the trees are nicely animated giving it that subtle wind blowing feel to them and most have 4 season with the exception of the Mango tree and that’s summer/winter ~ the trees with flowers you get choices of 2 variety of pinks, 1 white and a gorgeous blue ~ even if you are not in the mood of buying Little Branch’s store has some gorgeous landscaped areas that you can spend a nice day exploring, taking pics and just enjoying yourself as you walk around the Sim ♥ here is my latest “HEARTMOBILE* to take you over to Little Branch so you can see in person just exactly what am talking about ~ till next time remember February is truly ♥ month so Dena and I might get sappy and corny just a fair warning hehehe ~ hugzz peace out ♥

This was all shot on my Residence ~ and thank you to my newest Sponsor Little Branch for giving me this opportunity

Props used:
LB_SpringBrise_v2{With Flowers Menu}
Trompe Loeil – Marin Lighthouse V1.1

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