Latest News…

Am proud and honored to be chosen as a blogger for The Little Branch ~ yes was jumping up and down as their items are gorgeous and so detailed and it looks like more new stuff is being trucked in by this pic ~

In Front of The Little Branch Store 

The sim is absolutely gorgeous as I just started walking around when what happens well two things ~ I crashed and then RL needed me but I will be going back as truly the landscaping looks so photogenic and those that are looking for new places to explore you need to check this out ~ PLUS as a blogger for them I will be showing you all the great stuff and guess what you won’t have to see my face in those LOL ~ yup landscape only which saves me little time wondering what am gonna where ~ please stick around as am happy and so honored to be a blogger for Little Branch ~ Now here is couple of my taxi’s to take you to their inworld STORE and the link to MARKETPLACE ~ please take either or both and wander around their sim as from what I got to see is simply STUNNING…♥♥♥

Thank you goes out to all my great followers & supporters as without you this blog would of just set dead in the water ~ appreciate all the kind comments and some that have really given me some great advice like my blogging friend Moz ~ his words at time are very inspiration ~ hugzz to all cya soon ♥

Little Branch LOGO

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