Stepping back…

A Gentleman’s Gentleman’s Quarters

Oh my gawd I sputter as I grab Dena’s hand ~ we both look around then look at each other in profound wonder as we realize it is not 2018 anymore and we are definitely in another time period~ course I had to grab my cell and take this pic just to prove to everyone that somehow we time traveled ~ Dena reaches over and shushes me “shhhhhh think someone is coming up those steps ~ we watch in awe as a man appears that both our jaw drops as we realize it is CARSON the head butler for the Crawley family of Downton Abbey ~ omg how is this possible that we are looking into the his quarters, which means we stepped back into the 1900’s ~ we both keep staring as we glance around looking noticing all the things and we were able to see that Carson even though he is a servant you can tell by the stuff he has accumulated from the fine wines, the paintings that decorate his walls,  his choice of books that he truly enjoys the finer things in life along with his love of his cat that is sleeping  ~ I try one last time to get a pic of him as he turns around but this fog descends over us and we are back standing in front of my home ~ “WOW, can you believe that” Dena says “and I sure hope that pic of his place comes out so everyone can believe this wild tale”…I scramble to get my cell out to look and see it is a little grainy but overall it does show what we saw…And there is the proof that for a few moments in time we had a peek into the living quarters of the head butler Carson from Downton Abbey ~ Amazing huh …

Credits go to my bestie and blogging partner Dena with this ~ also thanks to DeathRowDesigns for their great Shadow Box series where a lot of the items were used…

Props used
DRD-Series 01- Chest- Dark
DRD-Series 01- Bedside Chair Empty – Dark
DRD-Series 01- Wing Chair – Dark
DRD-Series 01- Drapes – Light
DRD-Series 01- Parent and Child Chair – Light
DRD-Series 01- Chandelier – Light
DRD-Series 01- Side Table A – Dark
DRD-Series 01- Childs Bench-Dark
[TMH] Key to The Dark Side Top Hat creator Saraid Dalglish
Saint Jerome meditating by Willem Key creator Artaros
Jian :: Kitty Pillow (Prints)
Asian rug ~ creator ElectraBlu McCoy
MN Hat Stand – textured-Twistia Twine
RO – Sleigh Bells – Angel Tophat-Sebastian Prince of Thorns (AxsisThorn Resident)
*AF* Book Stack-Art (ArtizanMesh Resident)
Di’Cor Harriet Books of Wisdom-Di’Cor (Olga012 Resident)
The Cellist by deCamp-Artaros (painterC Resident)
Serenity Style- Norah Imagination-Shelves-Hαɳʂ Iɳʂԋαɳ Sҽɾҽɳιƚყ (Hanstrid Inshan)
Fancy Decor: Leaning Art-Jake Vordun
Glass of Red wine-irremediable Resident
MiNat Bottle of Red wine-irremediable Resident
Dead Dollz – The Art of Tease Top Hat-Kiddo Oh
Iron Classic Bed Creator Susy
Trompe Loeil – The Chatham Loft Skybox Light (with surround)

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