Looking for…

Hey everyone its Starr’s partner Sten sneaking in to show you some stuff or for a better word a “car” ~ A different kind of car that won’t break your budget and just hey might be a collectors item so look no further than Surplus Motors Service Car aka Reliant Robin on Steroids ~

Surplus Motors ~ Service Car 

Just a quick bit about this car before Starr catches me ~ laughing at that since she took all the pics ~ anyway back to this car ~ this only has 3 wheels maybe that is why it is only 10L *joking* but look it has headlights that work. a cool light on top that you can change the color and does come with a great driver hud with changes as well…

UK made with driver on right side

This really is a great car and WOW for 10L just to zoom around on your land or on one of those sims that let you rez your own car this is a BARGAIN…did not try out the horn but the Hud is very simple to use ~ Here is the link for the Marketplace and the link to their INWORLD store as they have some really detailed cars that you might just want to look into getting ~ thats it for me till next time ~ thank you to my ever sexy wife for helping me with the pics as the credit goes all to her ~

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