Afternoon delight…

Enjoying time with my sexy wife

Spending quality time with my gorgeous wife Starr in the bed that Vic owner/creator of Nerenzo sent over for us to try and review.  Vienna has a lot of features like no pose balls, be able to change the textures of the covers and the bed itself ~ along with such a variety of different animations that my wife warned me to keep it on the PG side for this review but will state the menu is varied and keep you entertained for hours ~ wanted to also point out the furniture along with the decor is separate but comes as a decor package just for this Vienna bed ~ if you look below you will see both ads and placing links so you may either go to his inworld store or look at his Marketplace ~

Marketplace AD

You can see it is still on a promo price and here is the LINK to check it out on Marketplace and the LINK to his INWORLD Store

Decor Package 

From me I will give this a 5 star review and with Starr smiling next to me she agrees as well. That is it from me but I thank Vic for allowing myself & Starr to have the opportunity to blog for his store Nerenzo.  Oh yes and credit to Starr for taking that pic of us ~ isn’t she a good photographer ♥

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