Will be AFK…

Yes you read that correct as I am leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks ~ heading to the sunshine state for little bit of relaxing by the water and just unplugging ~ dragging my RL camera, my paperwhite and truly going to just step back and enjoy life ~ I did not make a Thanksgiving post giving thanks to those that have truly been there with me thru all but they do know each of them how much they are truly appreciated ~ I did grab my bestie and we now have an updated pics of us ~

Myself & Dena 

She is truly a blessing to me as a friend, as one that I can rant with, truly laugh till our tummies hurt and just be there for one another as much as she lives across the pond and I am in the states we are truly cut from the same cloth ~ for both of us and yes Dena am speaking for you am so so thankful that you and I met and clicked ~ also am thankful to my hubby Sten who TRULY puts up with a lot of my moodiness ~ lastly am very thankful to my sponsors and especially to all my loyal subscribers who make me smile from the likes and compliments ~ THANK YOU so so much and I am blessed that you do take the time to read the blog, enjoy it ♥  See you in 2 weeks ~ be good to yourself and to others ♥

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