Reeperbahn ooooh my what is that ~ yes I did google the word and seems Wikipedia tells me it is a “is a street and entertainment district in Hamburg’s St. Pauli district” as well as the city’s major red light district AND we all know what that means ~ so I grabbed my bestie Dena and we both put on outfits to entice, tease and just overall naughtiness to show you what KraftWork has for this months Kinky event that starts today ~


This really is such a sexy build  ~ from the shadows that you see there is so much detail in this ~ plus you get 2 sets ~ one that is animated and one that is static ~ you also have the choice of placing pose balls on the steps in the windows but hey why should I keep talking and not let you see ~

oooh la la 

Yup that is Dena leaning against the wall and me standing next to her ~ don’t we look uber hot *grinning*

Against the windows 

Nice poses as well to tease your clients, customers or just have fun with this ~ this set comes with a lot besides the pose balls that you can place anywhere around the set you also have the pose chair and the dance pole ~

Just showing off 

With Dena on the pose chair and myself on the dance pole we invite you to take a RIDE to Kinky and check out this set for yourselves ~ while you are there wander around and check out all the Kinkiness that is being offered ~ cya soon ♥

Credits and props go to Kraftwork and the creator NODNOL Jameson for giving us the opportunity to show off this hot build ~ and huge thanks to my bestie Dena for always being there and jumping right in …

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