Enjoying a moment…

With my new RL schedule and wife’s busy with RL it is nice when we both can enjoy a quiet moment spending time together ~ what is even nicer is when Vic owner/creator of Nerenzo gives wife and myself his latest creation “Kobe” to try and blog about ~ Kobe consists of sofa couch and chair along with accessories as the table with vase and 2 different plants and a very nice rug ~ this is such a nice set that truly fits in with our rustic house but I think the quality of this would fit with any type of style house you have ~ even if you like to sit the entire set outdoors because of the wicker it would make a nice outdoor seating area ~ of course there are lots of poses for couples and singles some very naughty and some well you just need to take a ride over to his Main store and scope this set out and try it but remember please no nudity ~ while you are there why not join his group as he does give a very nice discount on future purchases as well as some great group gifts ~ its a win win ~

Kobe set by Nerenzo 

Because this is also copy mod you can double your seating if needed ~ the glass coffee table with the flower in the vase is truly a great piece

Relaxing on the couch 

And as you noticed above there are some really great couple poses for you to enjoy as you relax in front of your fireplace or just in your home ~ yes the bamboo plant is one of the plants that comes with this set ~ wife really loves the detail and the color matching pillows as she remarked “very homey yet chic” ~ btw you can also find this set on Marketplace for those that like shopping that way ~  and for those that love walking around the store here is your RIDE ~ take a walk around his sim for those decorating ideas and to try out his furniture ~ thanks again to Vic for his amazing talent in creating great pieces ~ and thanks to my wife for assisting me with taking all the pics ~ laters…

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