Winter Fantasy…

Hellooo everyone ~ have you missed me?  Yes as most of you knew that I was moving in RL and it took a lot longer than I thought to get all settled in but this move has been probably the best one yet ~ am no longer close to my favorite location the beach but the mountains and the landscape truly make up for it ~ as one of my sponsors “Once Upon Time” has given me the gorgeous Winter Bed set that will is available at The Secret Garden event ~ “The Secret Garden event is a magical journey through enchanted gardens that change with the season. Ten magical butterflies inhabit the gardens and each hide beautiful, exclusive items” …

Winter Bed Set 

Growing up always wanted a canopy style bed except cost wise and room wise made it not possible ~ and this bed is simply gorgeous without a lot of fru fru if you get my drift…the bed has a lot of couple animations that some are very very naughty and some are PG rated ~

Closer Look

This entire set is included as an exclusive for the Secret Garden ~ You will receive the bed, rug, pillows, table and the vase of tulips ~ all separate which makes it nice ~ the colors really just scream fantasy winter where you and your special someone is walking through a winter forest and come upon this ~ Dontcha just love the design and colors as much as I do ~ keeping this out so hubby and I can finally have our special anniversary celebration as we are now going into our 3rd year of being partners ~ and those that know SL 3 years is truly a milestone in relationships ~ but something about Sten and I that just clicked and we compliment each other plus why would I trade him in ~ very little faults and he loves to spoil me with surprises now and then plus some other things that well I will keep private but he truly keeps me smiling and I can’t help but love him…so ARE you looking for your own special winter fantasy then take my special SLEIGH and head over to The Secret Garden and grab up all the goodies ~ also take another side trip to Once Upon Time’s main store and have a look around ~till next time be good to yourself and others ♥

Credits go to loly hallison owner/creator of Once Upon Time for letting me show off her fabulous creations as well as to my uber sexy hubby Sten for always being there after 3 years and putting up with me ~ love ya lotz luv ♥

Props Used: 

Shot at my residence using the following items 

Snowed Tree – *Rita Munro
“Moon_Sha” Handcart White – Snow
[DDD] Snow Dust
[DDD] Snow Spot
GOOSE – couples snowy lantern
Once Upon Time… Winter Set Rug Light Blue
Once Upon Time… Deco Pillows Winter Set
Once Upon Time… The Winter Bed
Once Upon Time… Table Bed Winter Set
Once Upon Time… Tulips White Small
Hayabusa Design – Sakura Tsyu Kosade
[ Organica ] BIrch 3


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