My Tattoo Parlor

Would you be interested in coming to visit my Tattoo parlor? It’s very clean and hygienic as you can see..

Tattoo Shop 2.png

What do you mean you would not come here for your tattoo ? What’s wrong with it? I do  clean just maybe not to your standards, honestly just did not get round to it before your visit…I have not had too many blood splatters from my clients they may shout a little but on the whole I haven’t had a lot complaints and the rats add a touch of authenticity don’t you think and don’t tell anyone but they are just my pets which are normally in their cage just in the back room..The skull is not as you may think one of my disgruntled clients it’s a prop joke to lighten the mood, the Guitars are what I have collected as I have traveled from town to town along with the tool boxes with double up as my tattoo boxes and the old gramophone was a gift from one of my satisfied customers believe me its true..please come on over and pay me a visit for non screaming customers
If you’re interested ‘laughs’

All Items sourced from Market Place apart from Building

NOMAD // “Steel Hardware” Warehouse/Pira (Piraiyah Novikov)
BGC Shattered Skull/Krikket Blackheart
Tool Mat/????? (Blitz Rage)
Blitz Toolbox 1.0/??. ??a? (Swatchz Quan)
:DH: Black Fireplace ~Candles~ (RESIZE)/Sibila Lubitsch
:DH: Disturbed Rat/Sibila Lubitsch
:DH: Ground Leaves/Sibila Lubitsch
:DH: Halloween Gramophone with music/Sibila Lubitsch
:DH: Mirror Ghost/Sibila Lubitsch
Neon Tattoo Open Sign/Doctor Zimberman
Oil Drum 1 &2 /Morris Mertel
Pirate Furnature Sideboard (1 prim)/Aley Resident
Simple Rustic Chair – A (bloody)/Domsson Lean
Simple Rustic Table, large (white, bloody)/Domsson Lean
{what next} Hanging Guitar Decor (Concert) (boxed)/FrankLee Anatra{what next} Hanging Guitar (Americana)/Black/Classic/London/Venice/FrankLee Anatra
Starbucks Coffee Vente x2/KRAK (Krakov Letov)
~PE~ Black candle on plate/Robbyn (Robbyn Poliak)
Blood spatter texture/Molloch Dragovar

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