Little girls are…

What are little girls made of ?.sugar and spice and all things nice that’s what little girls are made of ~ Why not show her off in a soft, sweet beautiful way by decorating their room to the brim with all those girly things that she will keep close over the years as she grows up, like you did maybe that special doll or like that squiggy elephant that her daddy bought her when she was born or the little rag doll she favors when she drops off to sleep or maybe the teddy bear she was given by her Godmother ~ They will all be there for her as she grows she may put them away for awhile but am sure in later years you will find one or two old favorites appearing back on her bed ,her tastes may change along the way but her favorites will always be there waiting for her~ You watch over her knowing as they say a daughter is a daughter all your life and this precious little bundle is all yours…

Baby Pink1
Little Girls Room 

Props Used ~ all can be found on Marketplace 

Nursery Shelf Baby Girl Child Word Love & Pink Teddy/Precious Pippa (PreciousPippa Resident)
Precious Pippa (PreciousPippa Resident)Greta Oto (GretaOto Resident)
Closet for nursery baby girl with castle deco bedroom furniture/Greta Oto (GretaOto Resident)
.-{AB}-. Apple Pouf/ℒeχie ℒƴƞƞ ℳeƞoptra (Lexie Mistwalker)
Nursery Baby Girl Rocking Chair with doll & blanket/Greta Oto (GretaOto Resident)
Gym Baby Room Pooh Pink/Camila Anaya Marais (Camila Lomes)
Urso de Pelucia – P – Rosa – Lua – Copiavel/.::๖ۣۜĐαყʂє ℭђαɱΐŋαɖє::. (Dayse Chaminade)
17.DRD MM2 Toys Alphabet blocks/DRD (Deathrowdesigns Resident)
White Castle Deco Crib w Changing Unit w mat & blanket/Nashari Hynes
Hallowenn Bear w/cuddle/KittKatt (Kathi Macbain)
Baby Girl Stroller Pram with sit animation only/RevyHead Resident
{beLLam} Bellafant – Past Elly/Granny B (Bella Perhaps)
Toy Box Trunk for Baby Girl Boy Nursery/Greta Oto (GretaOto Resident)
baby high chair/Tommie Cobalt
Emma Baby Doll/Drew Blaisdale
Trocador Rosa/αηηy Iłłuмiηαŧi (Anny Venom)
Framed Owls nursery bedroom Picture/Helena Ellsmere
Framed Giraffe nursery bedroom Picture/Helena Ellsmere
.:Dawn.: Butterfly girl Wall/dawncreation Resident
Simple Cream Shaggy Rug/Mαɳɖi Loχεℓɥ Jαɱεs (Mandilena Loxely)


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