Last stop for…

As we puttered into the last gas station before hitting the desert we had a look around and first thing I noticed was nothing around for miles and miles and you could see the mountain peaks in the distance as we walked inside a couple of tumbleweeds rolled past us stopping only by the gas pumps that in my mind needed a huge upgrading…

Last Chance for Gas 

Walking closer to the door I noticed 2 huge Bassett Hounds just wagging their tails looking for some type of affection since no one was seated in the chairs ~

Deserted looking 

Not exactly sure if we should go in as you got this creepy feeling that possibly someone was watching us ~ the question was where were they but taking a leap we opened the door and walked in…

Not the cleanest floors 

Ooooh I spied a cigarette still burning in the ashtray so there has to be someone around right? Woah is this place never heard of no smoking as I see a very old cigarette machine that looks like it is still in working condition…gawd don’t drop anything on this floor – well maybe it wouldn’t matter if ya did since not sure if even “Mr. Clean” would be able to work his magic on them…Hollering out “HEY anyone here?” but after a few minutes there is no answer….this is getting creepier and creepier…clipboards on the wall, the register that looks like it matches the rest of the place ~ Sten decides to start humming the theme song from “Twilight Zone” and I slap his arm hard…

Bay doors opened 

Walking back outside since we both didn’t wanna chance going thru that door with the huge sign saying employees only…hmmm wasn’t the bay doors closed when we got here I asked hubby ~ he wasn’t sure and we both peeked into the garage where this ancient truck sat up on the lift ~ must of been some nasty oil leak as I noticed a lot of wet spots still not dried…ok let’s fill the bike up, leave the cash on the register and just get outta here NOW…as we were pumping this loud scream filled the air sounded like they were trying to say something…Sten stopped pumping and we listened again and finally we understood what it was saying … The voices said this


Giggling…ok Dena and I had fun creating this and using KraftWorks latest item for FaMESHed that opens tomorrow really helped ~ plenty of room as you can see to add items to really make this a great item for your sim or for those of you that blog could be the beginning of a theme to show off whatever…below is the Ad pic for this ~ all you have to do is add imagination ~ 

Being sold at FAMESHed 

Doors for FaMESHed will open tomorrow but here is that RIDE when they do ~ hope you enjoyed this little Halloween post ~ laughing as I did have fun with this storyline…thanks to KraftWorks for giving me the opportunity to showcase their items ~ more to come…ENJOY♥♥

Props Used:
Vending Machine/Cesile Rottnest (VanHicksing Resident)
Clipboard/osti (ostiabs Resident)
Candies Choco Bars Vending Machine/Jamiecat Wild (Jamiecat Janus)
The Old Cash Register – The Artist Shed/MargeKinson Resident
Ashtray skull (transfer)/Esmeray Farella
books for coffee table/Duda Enzo
TA Panorama Telephone/Nico Griffith
Magazines 1 -Mesh-/fffred Auer
Careless Store Counter/??ga? (MeganBlu Resident)
Cig Machine/UncaSnow Resident
MOTOR OIL/Lika Meili
RE Second Life Gasoline Sign/Rod Eun
[BelliCorp] Authorized Personnel Only Sign (Style A)/Cyphr Bellic
PILOT – Flat Road Map [Road Trip]/Kaz Nayar
RE Wrong Turn OK Sign/Rod Eun
CAR SERVICE ITEMS Full Perm/Lika Meili
ESTEQUAL DESIGNS – Tyres /Lika Meili
atrum cordis-toolbox1/xxdanny0xx
Toolbox 253C Aeon
XC Full Perm High Rise Tunnel Ram Intake/ 2X4B xcaleyx westland
Optima Battery 1.0 – /blitz rage
Rusty Truck/hidanetkazuku swords
car lift /JR Dreamscape
MOTOR OIL PINUP Girl Metal Plate Poster /Clairelise
RE Second Life Oil Cans Stack/Rod Eun
Oil Drums Morris Mertel
:CP: Shelly Lawn Chair Faded Rust Gift
..::THOR::.. Standing Ashtray [T]
Basset Hound – Mesh – Hannah Kozlowski
Soy. Desert Weed [S size]
Tumbleweed/ utterly Wizardly
Bone shaker/Amphibian Beebe
Soy. Desert Cuctas [A]&[B]
KraftWorks Gas Station

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