Cuddle Wagon…

Relaxing after a day of raking leaves and cleaning up around the yard as this is the time of year to see the leaves falling aka Fall. Unloading the pumpkins from the wagon I toss a blanket and pillows in and wait for my sexy lady. Once again Vic owner/creator of Nerenzo’s has created a wonderful seasonal item called the Cuddle Wagon


Cuddle Wagon by Nerenzo’s

As I pull my lady into my arms as we lay back to listen to the sounds of nature I admire the natural movements of the poses. Love how not one item of Nerenzo’s seem to have the exact same poses. Allows for a wonderful mix and match from a top notch creator. As the breeze gets a bit cool I pull out the optional blanket to keep us nice and snug.

Nice & warm with blanket 

You have to just love the optional textures and the fact you can modify it to your tastes. Add to that the accessory pack containing the wheelbarrow with planted daisies, leaf pile, spread of leaves, pumpkin basket and pumpkin stump. Also has 2 versions adult and PG this is so perfect for that Fall decorating. Drop by Nerenzo’s Marketplace or his Main Store and see all his wonderful creations. There is that perfect something there for your home, club, garden or even your neighbors garden…ooh yes and I think my sexy wife enjoyed it just as much as I did…till next time cya

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