You walk in the door after a hard day ~ still being young in age you look around at your little space and smile ~ things you have reflect who you are ~ from the dolls still in their original boxes, the pile of books that you could never seem to throw away, the ladder that everyone needs to have but you use it to put stuff on, the piece of wire that you found sitting on the curb that you just knew what you would do with it and looks great again the wall ~ even an old lava lamp that you grabbed at a yard sale just fits making it comfy and pure home as your cat sits just staring that Mr. Pig you see got into the hamper again ~ laughing but love your room because it is “HOME”…

Little Loft style bedroom

Props used:

MadPea We’re All Mad Here Pillow Purple
.:revival:. boho bed
Hanging the Moon Art Deco Green Lamp
[Con.&floorplan.] Love Marquee
!gO! Love my doll 2 – Krzys
!gO! Love my doll 2 – Pawel
“Lost in a dream” Pastel by JF Le Saint (700)
-RC- Yard Signs – Embrace Diversity
[ keke ] glass hearts – gold
Paper Roses – Love Letters
.click. lovely ladder prop
GOOSE – Love is a candle light ( free )
GOOSE – heart light string
anxiety %catacomb bottlelamp (TSS anniversary)
[Cb] Basket Table – Gold
Grey Tabby Cat Sitting *c*Hannah Kozlowski *m*
Pig Standing – *c*Hannah Kozlowski *m*
Kalopsia – Book Pile Lamp
Soy. Antique Wooden Figure
8f8 – Driftwood LAMP
*Lok’s* Floor Lamp Oval (White)
floorplan. hanging string light
Glam Affair – Wire Moodboard 🙂
Kalopsia – Tild’s Chair & Pillow
Magic Party ::: Halloween – Lava Lamp Magenta
Raindale ~ candle lanterns
Clustered. Oakland Set. Pillow Basket
deco zebra skin rug ~ tweaked
Scarlet Creative -Emily ~ exclusive for Luxe Box 

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