love gives me…

Anyone see the tearjerker “Beaches” ~ we are talking major tissue time and Dena came up with a perfect saying for this wall that actually this could be for any lovers as very gender non specific but the saying just fits ~ a cozy space to cuddle in and enjoy the sunrise where the warm sepia tones just wash over you both ~ sitting on the couch as you watch the dog looking warily at the cat and wondering ut oh is she gonna pounce again on me or what…from the poster on the wall hints of travels either future or past but either way all good memories…

love gives me wings

Nothing broken here as you just get a feeling of beautiful love between two people as the cracked heart makes you think they know what could happen  but work at letting it not happen…as the cat creeps closer you sit waiting in anticipation what she will do…♥♥

Props used: 
Once Upon Time… Black/Grey Big Sofa PG/ レღ レム (Loly Hallison)
Once Upon Time.. Frame Grey Paris/ レღ レム (Loly Hallison)
Once Upon Time… Lamp Tall/ レღ レム (Loly Hallison)
Once Upon Time… Petite Black/Grey Sofa/ レღ レム (Loly Hallison)
“Killer’s” Broken Stone Heart Statue/ ƘιℓℓєяƲιвєѕ (KillerVibes Resident)
.DirtyStories. Lost Angel Wings – Black & White/DontLeaveMeAlone Resident
[ zerkalo ] The Piano Bar – Candles/Daniel Estro (DanielEstro Resident)
TMH] Classic Wonderland Hat in Black & White *****/Saraid Dalglish
CC Baron Fedora – Black & White Plaid/CoutureChapeau Resident
Black Cat – Mesh/Hannah Kozlowski
[Black Bantam] Shar Pei Puppy Gray Female/Stasey Oller
[sf] country rug – white/Heavenly Villa
Wings wall saying/Dena Teardrop
Build ~ Scarlet Creative Emily past Collabor88 item

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