Maybe you noticed the post about the decision to stop doing fashion and possibly thought I was giving up blogging and the answer is nope so what are we doing now ~ welp as the renamed blog says “it’s not about fashion it’s all about stuff”  ~ from inside the house to outside the house you gotta fill it with stuff ~ George Carlin did such a funny comedic routine on click on “Stuff” to listen…and that is what Dena and I are gonna do ~ like our first venture with the Horror House and putting out stuff ~ we might find “stuff” on Marketplace and or various Gacha events like The Arcade or Gimme Gacha events where there is lotz of “stuff” or some great stores that we are finding like Serenity Style that I am discovering from my Bloggie Award prize ~ whatever we do find we will begin to start showing our stuff in a part of the house ~ we must tell you that neither one of us are Home and Garden bloggers like Moz Loordes or Wendz Tempest that I truly envy their talents nope we are just beginners who wanted a new challenge and are excited to begin this new chapter ~ that is what makes SL the possibilities are limitless ~ our wish from both of us that you stick around and enjoy us showing you stuff ~ we will do our best to always credit the creator and where we got the “Stuff” from ~ thanks again and we cannot wait to show off our stuff ~

Dena and I ready to show you stuff 

Till then keep watching as we are working on gathering and sorting our stuff ~ be good to yourself and kind to others ~ hugzz & peace out ♥ ooops btw I wanna give a special thanks to ℜєggίє Ğαsʇõñ Ŵirsίñĝ for just being there ~ hugzz and check out her blog stylings of a lunatic” 

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