Did you get…

Oh yes did you get that invite ~ the one that possibly came in your inbox ~ the one that invites you to this years little House of Horrors ~ possibly it is a good thing you did not receive one as this invite is one I would be wary of ~ the house itself or at least the front porch does not look like one I would like to even go up to ~ shuddering now as I look at it..

Little House of Horror

Invitees might be rude people that you know the ones, bullies that tend to pick on whoever, mean people ~ but you get the drift on who is getting these invites ~ cause once you go in you might never come back out again ~ seems a lesson is taught and those that never learn welp as I shrug my shoulders not sure what happens to those but might be Freddie takes care of those later *winks* so did ya get your invite…if not just be very thankful ♥

Props used ~ mostly were found on Marketplace ~ a virtual store of goodies for under 10L~ (c) denotes and gives credit to the creator **M** -found on Marketplace

Pilot Fall Garden ~ (c)kaz nayar
Pilot Plastic Jack-O-Lantern Black (c)kaz nayar
Skull&Books table ~ (c) Armando Woodland
Morf’s Mesh Jack-o-pumpkin ~ (c) morf galaxy **M**
*HEXtraordinary Halloween Jack O – (c) corwin Lacourte
Fresh Meat Dish ~ (c)grandmaster rexen **M**
Grave Keeper (c)Piper Patrucci
Skeleton – (c)Raya Jonson **M**
*Just BECAUSE* Pumpkins (c)Annie Melson
MOoH! Witch black cat ~ (c)Dalriada Delwood
PFC Jack o’lantern (c)Pucca Firecaster *gift
BGC Horror Clown – (c) Krikket Blackheart
alien monster -(c)Jackhammerhp Strom **M**
XSD Spooky Ghost Girl – (c)xena scarmon **M**
RO The Doll Maker Bloody Mary (c)axisisthorn
[blissiere] gacha life group gift zombie ghost
(:amuse:) Witches Brew -(c) amuse bouche
D-Lab Puppet witch – (c) dazai Voom
Dead Rat ~ Acme Grune ~(c) Rudee Voom **M**
BGC Deadly Bear ~ (c)Krikket Blackheart
Xstar Brain ~ (c) Zombie Xstar **M**
Graveyard Shift ~ Deadpool ~(c) Kunt aviatikmorane
Wreath Stand – Jian (c) Kalia Firelyte
L&P Halloween Lantern ~ (c) Sangi Phaeton
Ax #2 ~ (c)Rubystarlight Writer ~ part of pose
Serenity Style Welcome Rain Kit (c) Hans Inshuan Serenity
FD Spider Web (c) aimy rayna
DRD Series 01 Blood drops, splatters & smudges (c) deathrowdesigns
Bloody knife ~ (c) allyson Dwyer-Applewhyte
Ghost Companion ~ The Artist Shed (c) MargeKinson
Arana/Spider Capulina (c) roudoudou hirons **M**
Body Bag (c) Dawntay Darkrose **M**
Hell bike II (c) Odessa Soyer
Trompe Loeil Geonna Hanging Lantern (c) cory edo
*Funky*Junk* SheShed (c) Ulaa Coronet
Action Autumn Leaves (c) Maz Pixel **M**
Stepping Stones (c) Eric Linden **M**

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