Bloggie Awards…

First time I have been to any award events in SL and being nominated made this one even a little more special ~ Dena my blogging partner as well as my bestie attended this with me as we both put on our formal attire and looked simply divine…

Dressed for Bloggies 

So many well known bloggers were there along with creators, designers and those in the know ~ was nice to see such familiar faces as Skippy Beresford, Reggie another blogger friend and the owners of BVN were all there too ~ from the red carpet with huge number of paparazzi hanging out Dena and I took our place to let them take pics…

Moment to Shine

Everyone was dressed in their formal attire as we walked to our seats as it was getting crowded ~ the moment was upon us as everyone in their seats waited for the winners to be announced ~ Strawberry Singh along with Skippy Beresford came away as huge winners but all well deserved ~ the entire list of winners is located HERE ~ oh and yes if you are curious I did win an award “Most Improved Blogger”

2017 Bloggie Award ~ Most improved Blogger 

Actually I sat there stunned as I knew I was in the company of some truly great bloggers ~ really made me proud of how far I have come since I began blogging ~ with that I want to thank all that voted for me ~ from my heart I sincerely thank you so much ♥ Was a nice award and the trophy is now sitting on a shelf in my living room ~ wonder if hubby will notice lol ~ as I think he forgot the awards were yesterday but he has so much else on his plate it is all good ~ Sten always remembers the important dates ~ Dena and I will have a very important announcement in the next couple days on our blog and such…please stay tuned ~ again thank you to all that voted ~ hugzz ♥♥



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