A decision…

Thought long and hard about this and spoke with my blogging partner Dena and she agrees that when something is not fun anymore you need to take a step back and take a moment, which is what myself and Dena will be doing ~ as of basically right now I will no longer be blogging fashion, which if you think it does encompass quite a bit ~ a lot of things went into this decision with the biggest is its not fun for me anymore ~ there are a couple of more whys but I rather not get into them ~ am not stepping away from blogging but going to go in a new direction ~ thank you and please keep watch as we have a lot of new changes coming soon, which Dena and I are working hard on ~ and now I would like to take a moment and say thanks to some pretty special people…

Thank you to Aisha owner of Designer Showcase who truly believed in me and was one of my first big sponsors as I will always think of you as my friend ~ to Ally owner of Something New a huge huge thank you ~ to Kay of Image Essentials who always made those poses that made me look so wonderful showing off clothes ~ thank you so much Kay for also believing in me…to Hilly owner of Hilly Haalan those wonderful outfits that really I absolutely adored and thank you for giving me the opportunity of showing them off ~ each of you will always have a special place in my ♥ ~



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