Welcome fall…

Yes it might be Friday 13th and you would probably expect me to show off scary, gory and creepy stuff but am not going for the norm yet I went over to Calas one of my MOST favorite sims EVER and took walk down Main Street ~ as usual Ty & Truck really put 100% into making this such a gorgeous place ~ truly love the fall colors and the little touches that you might miss that is why after almost 9 years I am never bored coming back here time after time and today dressed in my latest outfit by Ghee that OMG this outfit truly makes me feel like a MILLION dollars ~ the outfit itself that I want to let you see does not come as a whole just to let you know ~

Outfit by Ghee

This rich wool coat with the scarf, the gloves, tights and oxfords truly make me feel so put together ~ absolutely love this and with 8 different color choices you might have to do the eenie, meenie, moe thingy to help ~ all such color coordinated ~

Silky Scarf 

Look at the rich colors of the scarf and coat ~ the scarf comes with a hud of 12 different choices and since this is separate you can mix/match this item with the coat or a sweater you might have in your closet ~ really like how it drapes and hey think outside the box with just a scarf on with nothing else that just might have a hint of naughtiness for you and a special someone ~ maybe a photo gift for someone? Moving down to the gloves that of course are designed for Bento & Mesh hands just remember wearing bento to remove the hands and the gloves will fit perfectly ~

Tights & Oxfords 

Both of these items also come with a hud again with rich autumn colors to choose from and everyone myself included love wearing warm tights on those cold winter days ~ you will enjoy being able to change tight colors that gives both of the shoes and the tights a very nice deal ~ overall these entire items rate 5 stars for me with the detail, the quality and total appearance ~ and all items are at Designer Showcase till the end of the month…Here is your ride my souped up HEARSE ~ enjoy and till next time ~ ♥♥

Credits again to all the great designers this month at Designer Showcase ~ Pose credits go to Image Essentials with the Vogue Series ~ to all my readers, followers & supporters my sincerest thanks for taking time out to read…

Am Wearing

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
Ghee Fall17 Embroidered Wool Coat Lara
Ghee Fall17 Essential Bento Croc Gloves-not shown
Ghee Fall17 Essential Silky Scarf
Ghee Oxford Heels
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Magika – Drive
*YS&YS* catwa skin & shape appliers Illy

Shot on location of Calas using Vogue Series poses by Image Essentials 

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