Wonderful Dreams…

Have you ever gone to bed tossed and turned then ended up having an unusual dream?…That’s what happened to me last night I had put on my new Frilly Nightie that is an  exclusive by 1 Hundred – with all the things from the day just kept running around in my head… I tossed and turned this way and that then fell into a fretful sleep. My mind wandered off into a deep sleep I started dreaming, dreaming that I was trying to run away from time..

Wearing Frilly Nighty by 1 Hundred 

I don’t know what was chasing me, I just knew I had to run or I would be out of time..I seemed to be running and getting know where, then stopping looking at the clock again then off I would run again.. then I must of woke myself up because in the next moment I was upside down in my bed with no covers on me… luckily I had gone to bed in this striking exclusive Frilly Nightie from 1 Hundred – normally I sleep in the nude or as Marilyn Monroe would say “just wearing my Chanel no5 darling” lol…

Frilly Nightie by 1 Hundred 

Was ecstatic to find out was only a dream and not late for work ..If you’re wondering about this cheeky little number from *1 Hundred* you can get it from *Designer showcase* which opened its doors yesterday continuing until the end of the month…This Frilly Nightie by 1 Hundred has 13 color options to choose from and you won’t be disappointed with the fit as you can see here it cover just the right places and is a very sexy one to have in your closet ~ Need a ride to Designer Showcase well remember for October all rides will consist of my uber special BROOM ~ don’t worry it knows its way back…time for my second cuppa ~ see you all again real soon ~ Dena ♥♥

Am Wearing:

Skin-YS&YS-ILLY-tone 3
1 Hundred. Frilly Nightie. Cherry/ Sienna[Fit MTY]
1 Hundred. Frilly Panties. Cherry/Sienna [Fit MTY]
Beusy: Crush Bun Hairstyle
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
IKON Triumph Eyes- Electric
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
YS&YS Shape Tweaked

Shot on location of Luanes Magical World

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