New Office…

In between the various projects am trying to squeeze in decorating my office ~ as I have another new Sponsor “Once Upon a Time” that specializes in Home Decor am now able to start slowly decorating my little space…guess it will be a W.I.P. and from time to time will give you peeks as how it is looking…

My office 

This cute little sheshed comes from Funky Junk ~ my apologies but am not sure where I got this but for me am thinking it might of come from a subscription box, which one is remains a mystery…but it is only 10 prims so that is nice ~ am going to just open the door a bit so you can peek in ~


Nice warm fireplace that does work and I turned it on just to keep the chill out ~ yes you noticed all the tulips in those gorgeous glass vases ~ absolutely love them and fresh flowers just really brightens up the space ~ now my 2 siamese cats like staying in here as they are on the snobby side and refuse to mingle with the other kitties ~ I just let them be for the moment as they are quiet and have not broken anything yet…

Refreshment corner 

I do like to be prepared with guests come in and yes you are considered a guest now so please help yourself to either some Red Wine or Champagne and ooops excuse the yogurt that is to be my lunch but there is a nice platter of just picked fresh cherry tomatoes and some brie cheese ~ oh my forgot crackers and plates what a bad host I am ~ next time I surely will be a tad more prepared but don’t hold your breath as I do get a little scattered during October with everything going on … again you can see there is still more to be done but once it is finished it will be just the way I want it ~ hate to rush off but my schedule is truly full ~ till next time please try to be good to yourself and kind to others too much tragedy in the world as is ~ Peace out ♥♥

Credits go to Loly Hallison owner/creator of Once Upon Time for all the lovely home decor items ~ she is on Marketplace and also has a really nice Inworld Store that I always suggest to go there and wander around ~ All props will be listed below ~

All Props Used 

Funky Junk SheShed
Sways Welcome Sign
What Next Boathouse Planters (3)
Sari Sari Wall Deck
Sari Sari Desk Chair
Di’Cor Simone Console Table
Once Upon Time Round Black Table
Once Upon Time Budha with Oil Spa
Once Upon Time Champagne Time
Once Upon Time Lay Cat
Once Upon Time Sitting Cat
Once Upon Time Desk Duty
Once Upon Time Cheese & Tomatoes
Once Upon Time Red Wine & Cups
Once Upon Time Tulips B/W Big & Small
Once Upon Time Tulips Mix Big & Small

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