Potions & Notions…

How it starts…

Bones lovely bones without the flesh that’s what makes this brew the best, I mix up up with potions and notions then we will put it to the test…It could change you for the better, not for worse but as I’m a witch it could be in the reverseThis is what happens when its Halloween I start making up rhymes ~ while my potion is brewing let me show you this wonderful Exclusive dress and boots from *DE Boutique* that is at Designer Showcase until the end of October.. Comes with a hud that you are able to change not only the dress but the collar as well and at a wonderful price that will blow you away ~

Honey Dress by DE Boutique

Just right for the cooler evenings when out riding possibly on your broom or some other mode of transportation as I do tend to forget not everyone is a witch during this glorious holiday month ~

Showing the collar 

You can see the quality of the knit material as the hud does give you a choice of 8 prints and 8 knits ~ oh lets not forget those boots that are included as well…


Ok so I stepped on his bones to show off these gorgeous boots called Hanna  it’s not like he is gonna feel any pain now ~ sheesh he is lucky that he is not sitting in my pot of brew ~ the zipper up the back of the boot is such a nice detail ~ hmmm my brew it is almost ready..

Wearing outfit by DE Boutique

Alright this is almost finished just have to add finishing SECRET ingredients and you cannot watch but hey why are you still standing here ~ hurry over and grab yourself a bargain at Designer Showcase *** OH Frog legs I did forget you will need a ride won’t you welp all this month your ride will be MY EXCLUSIVE uber fine BROOM ~ hold on tight and when you get there the Broom knows its way back home ~ now I better get back to my brew so it does over stew hehehe ~ till next time Dena♥♥

Am Wearing:

Skin- Pepper Drow- 7 deadly Skins
Beusy: Crush Bun Hairstyle
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
DE.Boutique Hanna Boots Black LARA
DE.Boutique Honey LARA
IKON Triumph Eyes- Electric
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
YS ILLY Shape Tweaked

Shot at Starr’s Private Residence using Something New’s Latest Prop A Scorn Witches Brew that is an exclusive at Hocus Pocus Cart Sale ~ Check it out ~ 




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