Am where…

This was to be a quick trip at least that is what am told ~ go to the train station, hop on and travel 5 stops ~ easy peasy right…WRONG…cuz what did Dorothy say “don’t think we are in Kansas anymore” And I was dressed to the nines wearing the latest most gorgeous off the shoulder gown by Shoenique that is one of the items at Designer Showcase this month…

Wearing Leilyna gown by Shoenique

With the city skyline behind me and feeling like a million dollars I am not sure that I have ever been to this particular railway before ~ not even recognizing the language either ~ guess that should’ve been a red flag huh?  While I wait you have to truly see this dress close up to appreciate the sparkly diamonds that just draws your eyes to…

Covered in Diamonds

No jewelry needed for this gown as you sparkle and outshine everyone that is standing close ~ the one shoulder showing my bare skin while the other is covered in sheer material really makes a statement ~ along with that split up the dress really giving everyone a great view of those stunning shoes “Nita” in Nude that Lindy is showing at Designer Showcase this month ~

Nita Shoes in Nude by Lindy

Those gorgeous strappy sandals that go all the way up gracing your thighs ~ killer stiletto heels in 6 different color choices that you will want to grab at least 2 of them ~ these will definitely make a statement no matter what you will be wearing ~ great design and good choice of colors as I let you see how they look in this amazing gown..

Where Am I 

Hmmm I do a quick turnaround because as I look down my gown is now a rich royal purple the chairs have turned to Neon Pink and that sign was not that before ~ OMG I do not even recognize the language either ~ turning around slowly

Back View 

Can you see all those gorgeous diamonds placed on the sheer material giving it that sparkly effect ~ and this gown truly hugs your body showing off those curves … but now am asking myself “Am Where” ~ maybe the stress of today has blanked out my mind and I am in a version of the Twilight Zone ~ if I hear that familiar tune start going off am gonna scream but till I figure this out Shoenique along with Lindy Shoes will be at Designer Showcase for the entire month and doors will be opening tomorrow ~ got that shopping list ready?  Don’t worry my Taxi is getting a good detailing and gassing up so you will have plenty of time to get there ~ please remember with everything going on take time for yourself ~ life is too short not to just stop and enjoy the moment…hugzz

Credits are plenty as I have to thank KraftWork for giving me the opportunity to show off some of their gacha items at a brand new event called Industrie Industrie is a brand new monthly event celebrating modern minimalism and urban industrial styles and let me show you KraftWork’s 


Am Wearing:

CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Shoenique Leilyna Purple & Red Gown
Lindy Nita Nude
Magika – Drive
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
*YS&YS Catwa Skin & Shape Applier Illy

Shot on the Platform high in the sky using poses from the Graceful Elegance series by Image Essentials and the props are a part of Kraftwork Props from Industrie Event, #2 Kraftwork Berlin U-Bahn Frontpart of Train, #6 Kraftwork Berlin Signage, #8 Neon Bench, #3 Backdrop


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