Cosmopolitan anyone…

One of my sponsors Dictatorshop graciously passed to me this Driftwood Swing that is being displayed at Cosmopolitan ~ my apologies that I have not been able to get to this sooner to show you because I really like it and the Driftwood Swing by Dictatorship is such a nice addition on my land ~ there are 2 versions PG and Adult ~ as I put this out am noticing how really detailed this is ~

Driftwood Swing

Yes it does swing and has so much to offer ~ but wanted to show you this alone so you could get that nice feel to this ~ first it is a nice size something you just might see sitting on a countryside landscape that is close enough to a house but just far enough away if you understand…Another feature is all the animations that are in this and am talking without even the adult ones ~

Reading on my tablet

Actually this tablet truly looks like my Fire HD that I have ~ giggling it is a great one for watching movies ~ oh yes you do not have to worry about asking permission or saying to have that tablet or the cup of coffee it is completely automatic and for me that is a good thing I might get busy and forgot to check…yes I do have those moments then wonder why there was never a cup of coffee, a book or something that should of been…

Me and Dena chatting away 

Yes great for couples that are not couples that the designer really has provided different categories to choose from ~ very nice from sits, lays to couples that include nap time, cuddles, kisses and then can go into the Adult ones if you are inclined to…either way this really is something that will be for hubby and me to enjoy and with bestie Dena that we can sit and chat along with each of us enjoying coffee, popcorn or reading…very versatile ~ here is your Taxi to head over to at least try out the demo ~ wonder if hubby has seen it yet ~ he has been working so hard lately in RL that I have missed him lotzz…Since it is a new month am excited to say Designer Showcase will be reopening and so many things that are coming there cannot wait to show you…please take a moment and with me send my heartfelt condolences on the tragedy that took place in Vegas ~ truly sad ~ as well as we lost another star today Tom Petty ~ sighs ~ lets try to be kind to one another and to ourselves as it has been proven life is too short not to…peace out ♥♥

Credits go to Dictatorshop for giving the opportunity to show off this great item ~ thank you

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