Yay for Autumn…

Yes cooler weather has finally come to my part of RL ~ that crisp, clean weather that you finally open up the windows and your house is aired out ~ absolutely love it ~ oh and since am in the area where the trees are turning and showing off their fall colors it is a photographers paradise ~ yes at times I have missed the smell of the salty air when I was living at the beach but finally adjusting to waking up and see all the varieties of trees and such ~ surprised I have not seen deer yet but roomie says it won’t be long ~ As I am a decorating fool for my residence in SL am gathering pumpkins, fall trees and leaves to make it look very fall and also with the help of Hilly Haalan am going to be nice and comfy in various sweaters she has in her Main Store and on MP ~ pssst they are really inexpensive too ~ ooh so this is a little mini fashion show just for my readers ~ sit back and enjoy…

Wearing Haidee Sweater in Autumn Colors

Yes call me hunny, call me sexy but never ever call me late for dinner LOL ~ ok maybe not so funny ~ per Hilly’s usual standards which are top notch she has graciously given a nice Hud with a variety of choices for Autumn

Warm Knit Sweater

You can get a nice look at the bottom hem and the cuffs on the sleeves ~ these really add to this sweater and will look great with tights underneath or long wool stockings or even some thigh high boots to really make that outfit pop ~ yes included the Hud colors for this one too

Warm Knit Colors

What I truly like is this mix of plains & patterns ~ gives you a lot of ideas to mix and match with even a pair of your favorite jeans ~ or some like to still wear a nice pair of capris or shorts with sweaters ~ when living in Colorado I saw that a lot people would wear heavy sweatshirt or sweater, shorts and knee high sox ~

Sweater with Embellishments

Yes I chose my favorite color Purple to show off this last sweater in these series ~ plus I was prepared to change hairs and poses *giggling* so you didn’t have to stare at the same look but different clothes ~ pretty smart huh LOL…even got me doing my favorite saying Peace out with my fingers…ooops forgot the Hud for this one ~ give me one sec

Hud for Embellishment

These have some of my faves on it ~ great choices on all 3 sweater huds ~ and the fit for my Maitreya was simply perfect ~ do not think you will go wrong with either of these 3 sweaters ~ will only be which one to choose as the price is reasonable, quality is excellent and you can find it again at her INWORLD store or MARKETPLACE for each sweater ~ Warm Knits, Embellishment or Autumn ~ suggestion is try her Main store so you can really wander around looking at everything, join her group for great stuff too ~ and if you see her please tell her I said hello ♥  That is it for now as I look at the clock I need to get stuff done but hey you KNOW I will be back later with more…Peace out♥♥

Credits to Hilly Haalan always giving me opportunities to blog an outfit that I found in her store ~ thank you bunches AND to Kay Weston of Image Essentials for her latest pose series Girl Next Door that will be available at Designer Showcase opening up on Oct 5th ~

Am wearing:

Last Pic ~ Adrena Lace Up Boots ~
Haidee Sweater Embellishments
Hair Pink Hair Blondes ~ Group Gift Virtual Diva

2nd Pic ~ Haidee Warm Knits
Sienna Heels
Hair :Cheveaux: M081

First Pic ~
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
*Besom~Kami (Style ME)
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[hh] Faith Boots
[hh] Haidee Sweater-Autumn Colors
*YS&YS Catwa Shape & Skin Applier Illy

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