Some tips & stuff…

Am baacckkk… yup that was super quick wasn’t it ~ just have so much to show & tell you that instead of super long blog posts where you are reading and reading why not just make them a tad shorter ~ plus keeps your attention right…LOL dunno maybe it just sounded good ~ First let me get this tip to you that am like FLOORED to learn about ~ it is friggen fantastic and thank you to Kay Weston for turning me on to this tip ~ yeah ok lets get to that part ~ let me say not sure this will work on other Heads but it works simply amazing on Catwa Main Hud ~ here we go ~ at times you just get all rushed and stuff doing whatever and you forget what skin applier you have on ~ for me that is almost a daily thing LOL ~ welp here is the trick ~ first open your Main Catwa Hud ~ go to the skin tab and the next part is easy peasy ~ now I use just the lightest skin color box for this and all you gotta do is hit save ~ nothing more, nothing less ~ let me show you

Saving Skin Applier 

Can you see the first box where it is no longer a color but the name of the skin am wearing ~ now if I do switch Catwa appliers I can save it using another color box and the cool thing is after you save it say ~ now I have 3 skin appliers for my Head ~ I can just click back on the first one and tada am now wearing that skin applier ~ for me probably this is fantastic when I blog and not for saving I will before anything just click on that color box and it will tell me what skin applier I have on instead of trying to remember to write it down this is easy peasy…GREAT tip right…STill being new to Mesh heads am learning lotz more about first being able to change my look especially my lips, which for me am picky picky but I thought this would not be possible with my Catwa head how WRONG I was as I can show you

Quick Selfie

Now my lips did not look like that with the shape I have on or the Catwa Skin Applier but I took liberty and found out you could still change your lips as well ~ maybe you rather not but am just saying if you want you can even with the Mesh Heads…Along with if you wear the Catwa Bento Brow Shape you can also edit your brows ~ before you do I would save your shape so if you are like me and go crazy with the brow arch or whatever you can go back to the shape before without having to start all over ~ yes sadly I do learn stuff the hard way LOL ~ That is it for the tips and just one teeny thing left ~ tomorrow is the last day voting for the Bloggie Awards ~ if there is a blogger that you nominated and haven’t voted yet here is the Link ~ this is not self promotion as there are some truly great bloggers & vloggers that deserve awards ~ for myself I am so honored that I just was nominated and very surprised at some of the categories ~ anyway to those that did nominate me I sincerely thank you with all my heart as it truly means more than I could ever express…There are those that really helped me and gave me advice when I really got serious about blogging ~ So that is it for the moment ~ my wish is that I helped a little with some of the tips ~ if you have one and would like to share please please drop me an NC or send me an IM inworld ~ hugzz go out to all and please be good to yourself and kind to others as life is just too short not to ~ peace out ♥

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