Rock Your Rack..

Tomorrow RYR will be open to the public and let me tell you I got to take a peek at the SIM and am like WHOA ~ first I love the layout as it is not all crammed in ~ that gives 5 ***** from me and the entire sim is just immense ~ when you first land as the image below will show you there is signage pointing the way for various things…

Landing Point Signage

From the Art Show that has some of THE best artists in SL displaying their work, Silent Auction that has some great items for you to bid on, Music Venues that will have dance parties, live music, fantastic DJ’s ~ get tired from all the shopping there are areas that you can just completely sit and relax while looking out at the ocean watching the waves..

Just 1 of the Music Area’s 

Remember this is SL, nothing will be shut down there will be events ongoing and if you want more details on this please click HERE ~ there you will find the schedule for the Entertainment, Hunt info, and various other stuff that you might want to find out…

Helicopter Ride

Now am not one for extravagant ways to travel but hey you just never know who might be stepping out of that ~

Partial Overview of the Sim 

Yes this is just a partial overview to tease you and tempt you to come and explore, listen to some great bands, dj’s, attend a fashion show, look at all the great designers items that so many have donated 100% of the proceeds going directly to benefit National Breast Cancer Foundation ~

Rock Your Rack 2017 Official AD
Please Join us 

This truly is an fantastic event that is one am honored to be an official blogger and the past days I have given you looks to what some of the designers are offering ~ there are more to come ~ as the Designers are over totally over 50 that each one is also participating in the 10L hunt ~ again some great items that cost you 10L what a bargain right…Here is your TAXI to the event just remember TOMORROW it will be open ~ enjoy and again just remember EARLY DETECTION SAVE LIVES...hugzz ♥♥

ModelsGivingBackNEW HQ

NBCF Foundation


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