All about Trikes…

Am jumping down on this ~ giggling and truly beside myself ~ KraftWork has the cutest, adorable item for Famished ~ seriously and will be available ONLY there till the event is over ~ oooh you wanna know what it is welp with the help of my wittle cuties Sariel we will show you…

Sariel & Myself 

Yes you are looking at Trikes ~ giggling are they not cute ~ and yes they are rideable, they come with this hud that not only changes colors of the bike but also you can change the flag too ~

Hud for all Trikes 

I know everyone will want one of these trikes as for me I can finally ride on something that am not driving into the water or crashing into the side of a mountain ~ my driving skills truly are horrible but this OMG I absolutely love love it

Childrens, Decor only and Adult 

Am sure even if you are an Adult that you could hop on the child size one and ride around ~ there is adjustments for the seat ~ now my little friend Sariel will have to grow just a tiny bit more but no pedals just start going forward and off you go ~ the very tiny one in the middle *red* is decor only ~ yes it is that tiny that you could set on a shelf, mantle to display it proudly ~ and yes you can change all 3 with their separate huds…

Sariel Phaeton enjoying the Trike

Famished does not open till October 1st but hey gotta be prepared and this is one am sure you will find fun and your friends will as well ~ I know hubby and myself raced around our sim along with Dena today just having a blast with these ~ come on you know it reminds you of the good times growing up with possibly a favorite memory…So here is my TAXI that won’t work till Oct 1st ~ stick around I have lotz and lotz more to show and tell you about this great TIP my friend Kay Weston told me about…

Credits go to several people first to Sariel & Sangi Phaeton for taking time to answer my quest for a child ~ that helped me out major ~ thank you both!!!  To KraftWork that has given me the honor of blogging their items ~ thank you ~ finally to my readers, supporters and those that send all those nice comments on here and my Flickr it means more than words could tell you but it is always so appreciated…thank you ♥♥♥

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