Guess what…

Yes guess what time it is again ~ O M G it is time for Calas to open up their Halloween Sim and this year it is out of this world LITERALLY !  Ty and Truck have done an amazing job on this years theme “Dark Moon” now I rushed over there because as a group VIP member it is not open to the public ~ group fee is ZERO it is free to join and if you ever ever attended any of their past Halloween events you know they put their heart and soul into it and this year is no exception ~ AMAZING and I just took a little peek so I could tease you ~ giggling first let me give you some tips and stuff to make this an enjoyable time when you visit ~ Please please make sure your scripts are under 100 or you will be sent home ~ Ty and Truck have done an amazing job keeping it really lag free ~ lets help them keep it that way and am only showing you a very very small peek into this Sim ~ there is LOTZ to see, to explore and enjoy for the entire month starting Oct 1st it will be open to the public…

For the best possible experience please accept our Region Windlight Setting. You will also need to have PREFERENCES/GRAPHICS/ADVANCED LIGHTING MODEL and Sounds and Music turned on. Truck has created another awesome Music stream for a more immersive experience which will be playing except during our live music performances. NOTE: This build is a dark one, so it is a good idea to view it when you can draw the curtains and have it as dark as possible in your room when you log on 🙂 We’ve left a flashlight for you near the Entrance. 

Let me introduce you to the owners/creators of Calas Ty & Truck 

Ty is on the left and Truck on the right ~ you can see they truly get into the spirit of this as so many others that also visited this sim…As a friend of theirs for many years I truly applaud their creativity ~ for each of you I do hope that while you are there visiting as Calas is basically supported by visitors and group members you might drop a couple of Lindens in the most unusual donation aliens ~ laughing just wait and see LOL

Intro Sign you will see when arriving 

As they said this is a very dark based sim in more than ways you can believe ~ ever wondered what the Dark Side of the Moon is all about well let your imagination take hold and find out ~ shuddering what I have seen it is creepy, its umm dark and remember to turn on the music as Truck always provides the greatest sounds to listen to while doing this…

Ut oh 

Looking down that long corridor and around on the floor I am seeing blood spots, dropped lights and this eerie feeling again that I am being watched ~ cripes what is up with this lately ~ hmmmm

First Goal

Make it to the Portal but this ship is huge with a lot to explore so take your time, walk around, peek in where you dare ~ that is the first level ~ gulps now I gotta go through this and onto level 2 ~

Level Two ~ Moon Surface 

Level Two: The moon’s surface. Both the DARK MOON SHUTTLE TOUR & the CAVERN ENTRANCE can be found there. Arrows will help point the way. There is no Portal at this level, but the way to the next level is clear. This is so immense as I was overwhelmed just looking and almost falling to craters ~ Until you do this I can only say WOW!!!

Shuttle Guide the one on the right LOL

Whew at least he is one of the friendlies that you will meet on this journey to the Dark Moon ~ yes that is a hint a huge hint about ummm what lies ahead ~ and I did met some fellow explorers as well who seem to be not of this world

Michael Delmar

Interesting characters but very friendly and cheerful along with being as excited as I am doing this ~ and I met couple more interesting explorer that I think needed to put on some weight *hehe*

Annastazia Delmar
Mr. Flux


This is where I will leave for the moment but hey i’m not through with this yet ~ as it does open up to the public on Sunday and any members of the Calas VIP group are welcome to come explore before then…I truly hope each of you will take time out of whatever you are doing either in the next couple days as it does finish up on Halloween then it is POOF gone for good and they make way for their Winter/Christmas sim…Please be respectful of others and keep your script count down ~ Alright I will leave you with my own Space Taxi to take you to DARK Moon…enjoy♥

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