New Stuff…

Hubby and I love to get our hands dirty working in our pumpkin garden but the thing is the cleanup of tools and hands without dragging everything inside the house ~ now because of KraftWorks newest item we can finally do our cleanup from behind the house ~ YAY us…its a great outdoor sink that seriously you get 2 versions ~ ok ok I know you wanna see without me chattering non stop…sheesh hubby says the same thing…

Hubby using our brand new sink by KraftWorks

He and I agree with the dual sinks we will not have to ummm have a discussion on who goes first ~ course it has running water as this is a working sink nothing decor about it ~ can’t you tell looking at it with the water running ~ those galvanized steel basins will last long time ~ ok so I umm shoved hubby aside so I could give you images without him but he kept saying his hands were still not clean hmmm maybe I need to put some soap bars that might help instead of just plain water  ~ hehehe

 Kalgoorlie Outdoor Sink

Oh yes did I mention the cute little signage saying “G day” and FYI for ya Kalgoorlie is after doing a little tiny bit of research a little town in Australia that started out during the Coolgardie gold rush and is also the ultimate destination of the Goldfields Water Supply Scheme ~ get it water = sink ~ Kalgoorlie…very ingenious ~ oh now you think it is more of a bargain if you get not just 1 but 2 choices of sinks…amazing right..

2nd sink with flowers 

This is the 2nd sink and can you see those pretty flowers peeking out of it ~ and yes the water runs in this one as well ~ this will have a bit more prims as the other is lower except if prims are not your concern you could use them both ~ even that great wash rag over the side just makes this great ~ Now where is this item welp it is now being featured at Cosmopolitan for a super bargain price under 100L ~ this really gave our backyard a little more ooomph if you know what I mean ~ ok ok again I will hush and here is your TAXI so you also can grab the latest from KraftWork…and if you are not a group member you should be as there are some great group gifts ~ alrighty I have so much to show you that please remember how much I sincerely appreciate you taking time to read, support and follow our blog ~ means a great deal ~ THANK YOU bunches♥


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