Am Late…

Yes i’m late for a very important date ~ it’s a small little cocktail party that is focused on making people aware of next month is Breast Cancer Awareness ~ makes me happy to see that SL plays a vital part in this with the Rock Your Rack event ~ and yes I am one of the official bloggers for that event…straightening out this chic cocktail dress by (BYRNE)

Poppy Dress by (BYRNE)

Getting into the elevator now and just hoping that little creepy child does not get on ~ last week he accidently on purpose spilled soda on me ~ please, please let him not appear…

Poppy Dress in Red by (BYRNE)

Oh yes can you tell who showed up the next floor down ~ grrr so thankfully I had this exact dress in Red and still think I will make it on time ~ anyway this one piece Single shoulder poppy design velvet dress with black leatherette ruffle is just stunning and it is exclusive for the RYR *Rock Your Rack* event ~ I know I know let me show you a close up

Close up of Exclusive Item from (BYRNE)

The design is very posh with that ruffled leatherette and comes with matching choker and bracelet also in leather ~ stunning design that the Designer/Creator of (BYRNE) darkly cazalet  has made the gracious choice of giving 100% of the proceeds on the color Purple and 50% for the color Red ~ in case you are wonder about this event please click on this LINK to find out all the info about it, why it was started and what it does ~ such a great group of people, which really makes me honored to be a part of this ~

Rock Your Rack 2017 Official AD
Please take time to attend

As I rush out the door to my party am going to say night and remind each of you early detection does save lives ~ remember when in the shower do your monthly breast inspection could be a life saver for you ~ hugzz ~ till next time ♥

Am Wearing:
Amara Catwa Skin Applier Leanne Sept PP
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
(BYRNE) Poppy Dress-Purple Maitreya 100% donations
(BYRNE) Poppy Dress-Red Maitreya 50% donations
(BYRNE) Poppy Leather Bracelet (L)
(BYRNE) Poppy Leather Choker – Black
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CATWA Tongue piercing
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
REIGN,- Mila Heels
*YS&YS catwa shape tweaked

Shot on location of Image Essentials Backdrop area using poses Stair Down *1st Pic* and Male Walk 1 *2nd Pic* both by Image Essentials

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