Opening Act…

My heart is beating so fast I cannot believe that I was asked to be one of the opening acts for this HEADLINER…am bouncing up and down that you would think I was the star except am not ~ giggling that my name is Starr plus am wondering if I will pass out from stage fright or what…ME yes little unknown me was asked out of million others ~ woah now I gotta come up with an outfit that will just WOW the crowd ~ shaking I run to my closet and yank open the doors and there it is the PERFECT outfit that Hilly Haalan created its called the Rosaleen Lace up Dress in Glossy…YES it is going to be perfect ~ think I will even change my the color of hair ….oh gosh I gotta get ready the dress rehearsal is in whaaat 2 hours…wow ~

Wearing Rosaleen in Glossy doing Mic Testing

Was called on stage to let the lighting tech do his adjustments and the sound tech said do that testing 1,2,3 into the mic ~ welp at least we know this dress will wow them as one of the roadies just tripped over himself as I walked up on the stage…gotta mean something right…oh yeah this dress is a tad bit revealing especially if you forget in a moment of panic on running out of the dressing room without putting on panties so I do now have to watch myself how I present myself to the audience…ok ok am being waved off saying everything is good and I should get ready as curtain goes up in 40 minutes…ooooh no they are saying I need to change from the glossy red to the suede as the red is playing havoc ~ sighs but with the great Hud that Hilly has given that will not be a problem…giving a nervous giggle I run back to my dressing room umm the one without the “Star” on it…oh yes first you gotta see this dress close up

Rosaleen close up

Check out how far up that slit goes ~ those laces are just position just right… those laces help hide ummm ~ the hud is amazing per Hilly’s excellent creativity giving you choices like if you want the front and back textures to match, the lace colors even the metal grommets you can change colors as well…ok ooops they are yelling Get Off the Stage to me ….be back in a jiffy…

Belting out my Number

As I get passionate with my singing I fall to my knees with no concerns of skinning them seems this is all so surreal ~ the crowd is applauding and whistling “Bravo” that tears begin to form in my eyes ~ the cameraman pulls in for a last closeup shot…

My closeup shot wearing Rosaleen in Suede

My look is uber perfection, from my makeup to changing my wig color I just feel like not the opening act but a true singing star…I hear this buzzing in my ears possibly all the chanting xcept it is getting louder and louder and I WAKE UP….Oh no it was just a dream ~ as I roll over punching my pillow and shutting off my alarm…course it was as everyone knows I cannot sing one note in tune ~ dogs howl, people cringe but wow what an amazing dream it was…at least I looked amazing wearing Hilly’s latest release ~ oh well time to get up and start my day…laterzzz ♥

Credits go to my newest sponsor Something New for providing the new mic’s with props..these are for Spoonful of Sugar Event that is a charity event benefitting Doctors without Borders*  and the Mic/Prop Melly’s Song that was used in the 2nd pic is an exclusive with 100% of the proceeds being donated…Here is TAXI for that great charitable event ~ am honored to become a blogger for my dear friend Ally ~ thank her bunches ~ Also to Hilly Haalan for another amazing creation that you can grab off Marketplace or at her Main Store ~ pssst go to her Main Store so you can wander around and seriously look at all the great creations ~

Am Wearing:
Arte ~ Glitter Eyeshadow past Forest Sub Box
Astrology Hi Sabrina ~ Hair Fair gift
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CATWA Tongue piercing
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
REIGN.- Ribbon Heels (Maitreya-High)
Amara Catwa Skin Applier “Leanne” Sept PP Box
[hh] Rosaleen Lace up Dress MAITREYA Suede 2nd Glossy
*YS&YS* Catwa Shape tweaked

Shot on my Platform high in the sky using the following Props & Poses: Stage by Kraftwork, Sing for Me *Mic #1 & Melly’s Song Mic #2 both by Something New, and Sultry Pose #8 by Image Essentials…


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