Ready for action…

I know this might come as a shock to some but I have a secret but shhhh you must not share it with the world until the time comes ~ i’m in training for special ops warrior ~ oh yes and today I was pulled into a practice run but again shhhh will show you whats going on umm well only part of it …

Ready for battle

Bet you barely recognize me in my outfit ~ we even got outfitted with a gas mask just to be prepared for anything that aliens might throw at us ~ was given a time limit to walk around exploring but had to be on our guard ~

In  position

As my Sergeant yells at me “Enemy at 2 o’clock and I jump down with my hand on my gun sighting my target “got it Sarge” I yelled…but this outfit is a little hard on the knees can you tell ~ the boots are great will keep my shins and feet protected but the rest hmm you think our Sarge was a tad sexist with these?

Wearing Alfa Zulu Dress & Boots by  !go!

Taking a much needed break and was suggested that I read up on a couple of sections from our manual when that freaky doll twisted her head to stare at me ~ shuddering am like should I answer her or is this another tactic by the Sarge to catch me off guard ~ wish she would stop staring…

Walking away 

Before I go any further am learning from the Sarge guess he heard my comment about the outfit that this was worn by the famous Wicca Merlin in another test run back in August and I can if I want read about all about it HERE – Gulping at my error I quickly apologized as we all know if Wicca wore and endorsed it that I should be humble enough not to complain at all ~ she chose it from  !go! a very well known store that also provided the dress and boots are called Alfa Zulu and were featured at ThereAfter Event~ Back on my feet for the last bit of training when…

In My Sights

I twist around, finger on the trigger ready to shoot on command ~ but my Sarge tells me stand down as the exercise is over ~ whew that was rough and I apologize that I could not show you stuff it is very top secret ~

Face of a Special Ops

Yes that is moi behind that mask and makeup ~ will be nice to go home, take a shower and just rest my weary bones ~ was an exhausting day ~ till next time ~ be kind to one another please as you remember life is too short…Peace out ♥

Credits: To a fellow blogger Wicca Merlin  that I admire and look up to for inspiration from time to time ~ check her blog out and she does have an Inworld Store called Wicca’s Wardrobe plus on Marketplace

What Am Wearing:
 !gO! alfa.zulu boots – maitreya lara
!gO! alfa.zulu dress – maitreya lara
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TRUTH / Athena
[Cubic Cherry] {After} gasmask
*ys&ys Catwa Shape ~ tweaked
7 Deadly s[KINS] Catwa Skin applier Cicely

Shot all on Location of Nytemares ~ using poses from Gingerfish Poses called “One Shot” 

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