What a month…

Yes what a month…first being nominated in various categories is so humbling to me am still processing that ~ so again thank you to those that nominated me ~ and Catwa did an update on the Catya head that I wear, which I am so in love with even more – cannot put my finger on all the changes but great job and thank you Catwa…gearing up for next month that is going to be uber busy with Designer Showcase reopening and was told a brand new build that the peek I got is fantastic ~ am also an official blogger for Rock your Rack event that means so much to me as it supports Breast Cancer and monies to those that cannot get mammograms ~ please please as we all know there is not a cure for Breast Cancer BUT and seriously this is a HUGE deal ~ EARLY detection might just save your life, your friends life or someone in your family so yes getting the girls squished into almost flat pancakes is worth it ~ I cannot STRESS this enough as those few moments of pain truly made me a believer when they found a tiny pea size lump ~ yes it was not malignant and was removed but as the Doctors told me it could’ve been and they were glad I came in when I did…


Catya upgrade 

Looks amazing and wearing Truths latest VIP group gift Athena that comes with a really great hud that you can change the looks of the hair ~ always love how Truth comes up with new styles ~ his group fee I think is so reasonable with all the gifts for the year he sends out ~ with the clothing I reached way back into my closet and found 2 items from last years Luxe Box exactly one year ago ~

Wearing Tres Blah sweater & Ison’s Suede Pants 

Both sweater and pants came from September 2016 Luxe box ~ these are classic items that for me are timeless ~ tres blah also included a nice hud another plus and just love the textures and the colors you got to choose from ~ and the suede pants from Ison also came with a hud that has some nice soft suede colors to choose from ~ I love the idea of the subscription boxes as they give you a variety of designers that you might never of heard about as well for the money each box is well spent ~ giggling must be why am so addicted to them saves me a lot of searching ~ anyway that is about all I have for the moment ~ till next time please be good to yourself first then be good to others ~ hugzz to all ~ peace out ♥

Credits ~ I know to some it might seem strange that I put this in but giving shout outs to those that I feel deserve it is just my way of saying thanks ~ and a huge thank you to my sweet friend Delcinea Sapphire whose comments truly make me smile, her kindness that is overwhelming at times but very appreciated and just to a great person that am glad we are friends ~ one last little FYI that I wanted to pass along speaking of credits ~ reading other blog posts and yes I do read a lot of them am noticing so many rarely give credits xcept for possible clothing & hair ~ individuals work very hard at making items like poses, props, appliers and truly deserve to be credited ~ even myself I am at times bad when I look back at pics and forget to give someone credit that might seem minor but in truth whoever made it deserves to be credited ~ am trying to make a huge conscious effort to include credits as I hope fellow bloggers will as well…♥

Am Wearing:

Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics
-tres blah – V Neck Sweater (Maitreya)
CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0
CATWA Tongue piercing
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
ISON – Luxebox suede pants -maitreya-
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TRUTH / Athena /
*YS&YS Catwa Shape ~ tweaked
Bold & Beauty ~ Eyeshadow catwa applier March PP
amara beauty ~ Catwa skin applier ~ Brook March PP
Trendy girls pose Series by Image Essentials

Prop Used ~ Hay Bales was a free gift from 22769 at
the Fameshed anniversary

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