Its Magic…

Yes sometimes well possibly a lot of times there is magic that happens and like with anything you just gotta believe ~ was trying on this slinky gown when this voice asked “do you believe in magic” ~ am looking around thinking who is talking to me ~ but I did think to myself course I believe in magic ~ I love watching magic ~ the voice said walk into the water and you will see and feel the magic ~ OH MY as my eyes got bigger and looked towards the pond where oh yes there is something magical in there cuz I saw it and have proof but why should I walk into the pond and get soaked…Crazy thing I just took a leap and headed to our little pond ~ and oh my the calm that came over me as well don’t they say images are worth more than words…Look ~

Arms open Wide floating 

The pond had turned into this gorgeous pool of blue water with the clouds reflection as I stood there my arms open wide waiting when this complete sense of calm came over me and that voice said lean back ~ ok ok am a little bit crazy but what do I have to lose except wet hair and a ruined gown…but umm I did it

Leaning back and floating

The water felt softer than I ever realized ~ my eyes were fully opened but I was only focusing on the feeling and nothing more because it was simply marvelous ~ the voice again said lean back further…and I did

All the way back

My hands were in the water except all I felt was this softness and yet I was not scared at all again the calmness and peace just surrounded me ~ probably must of been in shock and at the least worried about that voice in my head but no worries just this dream state…

Floating on top of the water 

I was floating just barely on top of the water and the strange thing is through all this was I remained completely dry ~ really weird again none of those thoughts were inside my head just peace as my eyes were open but looking up at the bluest skies with the fluffiest clouds ~

Arching as I begin to stand back up

My body started arching as I because my ascent back up if anyone had of been around they would of never believed what they were watching ~ the movements were smooth and graceful ~ then suddenly am standing back on my grass wondering…

Was it Magic??

My gown is dry, my hair is dry and am wondering was it magic or did I just zone out for a few moments but I shrug and smile because whether it was or wasn’t those moments were truly calm and peaceful ones …So would you like to have some magic in your life? You gotta head over to Twe12ve event and search out Image Essentials for their Levitation Series poses ~ Kay Weston owner/creator has done an excellent job creating some magic ~ will leave you with this song ~

What am wearing:
::SG:: Moon Eyes
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
LC – Snow Goddess Gown – Maitreya
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
TRUTH / Athena / latest VIP Gift
*ys&ys tweaked
Amara Catwa skin applier “Katie

Shot at my Residences using Levitation Series by Image Essentials w/last pose using Sultry#8 also by Image Essentials


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