Another Look…

Hilly Haalan has done it again in creating another look using her talents with her huds ~ her latest release “Charis” that consists of two separate pieces but honestly together they make a WOW moment ~ for those from down under that are starting to come into summertime these is a piece for your closet and those like me that fall is drifting in slowly am saying who doesn’t love that hot hot outfit to wear to go clubbin in…Either way no one loses when you slither into this ~ ok ok you wanna see right…

Charis by Hilly Haalan 

This stunner will melt whoever you are trying to impress and once you slip it on watch out because you are gonna feel the scorch…it’s that hawt ~

Closer Look 

From the wraparound neck straps that are holding those girls up proudly to the belt, and the bow giving you a very nice peek at those gorgeous thighs ~ this entire look just screams SEXY…

Bum View 

Oh you might ask does this make my bum look bigger ~ answer no it makes it look fantastic!!  As you can see there is a nice bare upper back that those who like a tat can proudly show it off ~ and the side look well keep everyone taking a longer look when you either strut into an event, down a runway or dancing the night away keep cool as ice…what I like even more is the inclusion of 2 huds one “Glam” the other “Solids” and yes you will get to see

Hud for Glams


Hud for Plains 

The very first pic is using the Plain Hud and the other two images using the Glam Hud but lucky for you both are included and looking at these huds it is amazing all the different looks you can create ~ top, straps, skirt, belt and bow am like amazed and had such fun mix different color looks together ~ but sad thing I got so carried away that once I started editing am like where is that one combination that I loved ~ grrr especially when it was so interesting and you know that unless I write stuff down am forgetful so forgive me but it was a cool combo ~ anyway you will enjoy this yourself as it is both at her Main Store and Marketplace for a super low price ~ Now just gotta whisper in hubbys ear it is time we went clubbin so I can show off this outfit ~ that is it for the moment but you know me am like that bad penny I just keep showing up ~ laughing its all good right…put together an interesting outfit for my closet series that hey you gotta be curious right ~ stick around and cya soon ~ please remember be kind to yourself and to others as life is way too hard, too short not to..peace out♥

Credits ~ oh to one of my favorite sponsors Hilly Haalan for giving me the opportunity to show off her amazing clothes ~ to the kindness of others like Crystalina Halistar who I mistakenly paid her for something instead clicking on the correct board returned it immediately and that I appreciate it a lot ~ thank you ~

Am Wearing:

amara beauty Catwa Skin applier ~ Brooke ~ PP March
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
CCD – Nose Piercing
IKON Odyssey Eyes- Darkstar
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
REIGN,- Mila Heels Maitreya
[hh] Charis Skirt MAITREYA
[hh] Charis Top MAITREYA
*ys&ys catwa shape ~tweaked

Shot at Image Essentials using one of her female props in conjunction with poses from the Trendy Girl Series  also created by Kay Weston 

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