Change is good…

Its me again Sten aka Starr’s hubby wanting to sneak back in and tell you about my favorite store Nerenzo”s ~Since Starr was getting tired of cleaning that huge house *just joking about my lovely wife doing all the cleaning* but she did mention it was too big for us and used up a lot of prims ~ that meant house looking for something we both liked and we made the decision to go for something little more rustic with lower prims ~ we found a unique barn by Barnesworth Anubis that just fit the bill ~ now this gave me the chance to hustle over to Nerenzo’s and look for other furniture that would fit into our rustic theme ~ Vic Nerido has a wonderful habit of giving out a group gift that gives you a taste of what will be up for sale. This pallet chair blends in perfectly with our new Barn home.

Pallet Chair by Nerenzo ~ Group Gift 

No need for poseballs and these chair has some amazing animations ~ some nice and well some very naughty ~ as you can see one of the cleaner ones that Starr and I used…

Myself and my lovely wife 

As it is a group gift exclusive for group members you just might want to consider joining his group as he is always generous in the monthly gifts ~ the poses are so natural and never stilted as with most of his items they tend to be on the low side for prims another plus ~

Nerenzo floor pillow

This has some great features that you can change the pillow textures, loads of animations that do have some very very naughty ones as well as single sits and those romantic couples ones like the one below…And it is available on Marketplace and at his store inworld…

Cuddling with wife

This is a great outdoor item complete with pillows, pillow holder and fireplace. Also includes a nice deck to set it on if you need it. As with all of Vic’s items, it has some great very natural poses both romantic and naughty as you can see from the pictures.{My lovely wife wouldn’t let me post the pic of her getting spanked over my lap though
…bummer} We also bought a cute little bed that seems to made from old pallets…
but that’s for a future story!!  Thanks Vic for the wonderful creations,
promos and gifts. You have a great place to shop!! Let me grab Starr’s taxi to take you to his INWORLD store and also Marketplace ~ Speaking of my sexy wife she has been nominated for a bloggie award and I know she would love to have your vote you can click here to see ~ thanks and till next time take care…

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