All that Jazz…

If you have ever been to New Orleans and strolled down Bourbon Street you would hear the sounds of jazz coming from tiny little bars that sit in between restaurants and big hotels ~ little places with their smoky atmosphere, strong drinks and fantastic music and crammed to the max spilling out into the streets ~ and I just happened to stroll by one in SL too ~ so sit enjoy while I take you on my Jazz Adventure…

Shotgun Jazz Club

Stuck in between 2 of the bigger hotels on Bourbon Street you just might of missed this little jazz club especially walking by in the daytime ~ I peeked in as it was still early in the day just to get a glimpse ~

A Peek Inside

As I glanced around am noticing the place was empty ~ being as nosey as I am especially wanting to get a closer look at the clippings, wondering if the anyone would mind if I just took a few seconds to peek around ~ my feet made the decision for me and walked on in and kept walking up to the bandstand where I spied a pair of drumsticks ~


Oh yes those drumsticks were just sitting there begging to be picked up, and I did just that ~ taking my seat on the stool I became in my mind “Gene Krupa” sitting in with all the other musicians ~ oh I could see myself back then just going crazy ~ I open my eyes and see another visitor who like me just walks up takes a place at the piano starts tickling those ivories ~ WOW we now have a jam session going on ~

Playing the ivories 

Can you imagine the tip jar just filled with bills and change as we both just concentrate on syncing ourselves in pure jazz harmony ~ I quietly get up and go sit at one of the stools against the wall to listen to her play that piano ~ her melody is hauntingly beautiful and my mind travels back to an earlier era ~


As I listen my eyes take a look at all the clippings that have been carefully placed in frames to preserve a moment in history ~ looks like King Oliver was a regular here among other greats like Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie and who could forget Charlie Parker ~


The pianist left and I just take a seat to enjoy the solitude and daydream about all the great music that must come from this tiny Jazz club ~ standing one last time on stage to take a view how it must appear

View from the Stage

Ooops the owner of the Shotgun club just walked in and seems ummm a little perturbed that am standing on her stage ~ ok I am asked rather politely to leave immediately and if I like the doors open back up at 6pm sharp that I can come back then…what an adventure I had huh ~ well that is all it was an adventure in my head hehehe ~ but you can create your own if you have the PocketGacha hud on the 15th and try your luck for those that want more information about this click HERE ~ a brand new concept without having to travel anywhere and KraftWork is one of the Designer/Creators that is included this month ~ oh yes the piano plays, the drums drum and the chairs and stools have some great sits ~ careful of the ashtray as someone left a cigarette still burning in it ~ let me show you the Ad for this ~ ooh yes before I do things are copyable so you can fill your jazz club with as much or as little chairs, tables that you want ~ you have choices of fans that work or just be still ~

KraftWork for PocketGacha 

So that is today and you never know what tomorrow will bring ~ as I have started cleaning out my inventory and put together a great outfit as I hope you will stick around ~ till then please be kind to yourself and others ~ life is precious and short ~ hugzz ♥

Credits ~ go to my Sponsor KraftWork for giving me this opportunity to show off these amazing items ~ was such fun putting it all together and making my jazz adventure a reality at least in my mind LOL…Here is my taxi to their Main Store and to PocketGacha Main Headquarters to grab the Hud, remember these items will not be available till the 15th ~

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