Container living…

Container living comes in many shapes and variations but still can make wonderful homes that are unique as well as they are at times space saving ~ You could take one, two or however many you like to create a very different living area ~ We want to show you what we did with the shipping containers that Starr received from the Builders Box May subscription ~ since this is an exclusive item for Builders Box you could search for something similar or go to Marketplace and buy May’s box which is filled with not only the container but 9 other builds as well ~ If you would like more information on the Builders Box subscription please click HERE  as the next one will be November and from the Ad it looks like a really awesome one just in time for Christmas holidays…have to say I am impressed with what you get included in the price, so much so that i’m thinking I may even subscribe myself, with just a little thought and imagination you can create yourself a truly unique place to live.  Starr and myself had a wonderful time making this home from the self grown fruit and vegetables in one container, outdoor shower unit,  upstairs living quarters, and to the chill out space on the roof ..this is something we both have got a lot of joy out of creating for you to see…

Container Living

As you see from the image above we used 3 containers to create this space ~ each container is copy/mod which really helped with creating ~ let me get Starr to show you close up of each section and let her describe what we did ~

Kitchen Area 

We wanted to create a kitchen area ~ we kept it fairly sparse but am sure you could add a lot more in this space ~ Zeus really took up a lot of area but he was not going to be left out ~ sink and stove are combined and we had to include a coffee area as I know for myself coffee is a must not sure about Dena but don’t talk to me in the morning until I have that first sip of caffeine ~

Sleeping & Relaxing 

Taking the ladder upstairs you are able to walk into the sleeping/living area with a nice comfy hammock for night time or just relaxing to watch TV ~ our kitty prefers resting up here away from Zeus ~

Outdoor Chill Area 

Next door to the living quarters we wanted to make sure we did use available space and this could be a reading area, little cocktail area or what as you see above there is plenty of room to add as much or as little you want ~

Garden Center 

Yes Dena and myself love gardening so we are growing a lot of vegetables to help sustain us with an abundance of food ~ temps are hot and the other kitty decided to find a box to play and sleep in ~ since working in the garden does get both of us sweaty we needed an area to  clean up and what better is our outdoor shower ~

Shower area 

Very basic with no frills but has plenty of hot/cold water to get us clean xcept we did forget a place to hang the towels ~ give you some of the details that the container is only 14 prims empty and if you look hard enough or your inventory is expansive you can really use your imagination to create a nice living space ~ Dena and I really had a lot of fun putting this together with items that we had collected or looked on Marketplace trying to keep those items on the cheep ~ not sure what our next project will be but I do know personally that I failed miserably as a Bestie in not being more observant and missed Dena’s REZ DAY ~ YES she is now joined the ranks along with me and others of being in SL for 9 years!!! ~ Time does fly and again I am thankful that her and I met as we clicked right away ~ HAPPY REZ DAY DENA TEARDROP and may you and I share many more as Besties!!!! Dena has listed all the items we used naming the creator ~ some are past items but a lot you just have to look for on Marketplace ~ thanks to all that do take time out to read, support and follow this blog ~ peace out and hugzz from both of us..

Items Used 
Minnie Tunwarm Potting table~
[CIRCA] – “Botanical Garden” Potting Table – Light Wood w/ Mint~Katy Dirkle
(Zenmai Voom)Vegetables with box~ぜんまい・マキ 
[ free bird ] Growing Garden – Tomato Plant~Cortez Brandriss
Tomato Plant 2.1~Chandra Chambers
[CIRCA] – “Nature Valley” Pumpkin & Gourd Crate GIFT ’16~Cherelle Capra
JIAN Curious Kitties :: Gacha Garden Birthday Present~JIAN (JianSL Resident)
Tree – 12′ Palm X 10~Eric Linden
HCC Awning 2 1~Heavenly Canucci
A.D.D.Andel! Tire Planter-Fern~Andel Rhiadra
{what next} House Plant – Agave~Winter Thorn
Wicker Table with fruits~MW Boa
Fruit Cocktail by Tiki Tattoo~Hatzfeld Runo
Cocktail~MW BoaDi’Cor Delia Wicker Sofa~Di’Cor (Olga012 Resident)
Di’Cor (Olga012 Resident)~Winter Thorn
{what next} House Plant – Rubber Tree~Winter Thorn
Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – B~Soyoy Resident.S&S. Retro TV~
Henry Elias (Henry Haystack)~Henry Elias (Henry Haystack)
Shadow Box Coffee Table – Soft Blue with Shells SH~Alexandra (AlexandraLara Resident)Malibu – painting 3~Novocaine Islay
*Lok’s* Floor Lamp Oval (White)~Sera Lok
LISP – Vintage Summer Rugs – Beige Pale~Lainy Voom
hammock~Vivi Bracken (Vivian Omizu)
.:revival:. nordic chair~Momentous Resident
{what next} ‘House Plants – Set of 3 (boxed)~Winter Thorn
Jian :: Kitty Pillow (Prints)~JIAN (JianSL Resident)
{what next} Boathouse Cottage Planter #2 (no shadow)~Winter Thorn
-LEO- ladder~Leon (Leon1 Footman)
Weimaraner Dog Chew Toy – Mesh – Full Perm~Hannah Kozlowski
3prim Dark Oak Barstool x2~Rosie (Rosie Karuna)
CandyKitchen-Fridge~Ȼɦёɼɼɣ (Saera Ellisson)
Simple Cream Shaggy Rug~Mαɳɖi Loχεℓɥ Jαɱεs (Mandilena Loxely)
GREY STRIP RUG~ ღ Ɗҽ ღ (Delia Sapphire)
CandyKitchen-OverCounter2~Ȼɦёɼɼɣ (Saera Ellisson)
(Decor) – COFFEE Prep Table~The Huntress (Earth Nirvana)
(Decor) – COFFEE Hanger~The Huntress (Earth Nirvana)
(Decor) – COFFEE Cans~The Huntress (Earth Nirvana)
Sequel – Sugar Fixes Everything Art (Rez)~Fallacy DeCuir
CandyKitchen-CounterIsland~Ȼɦёɼɼɣ (Saera Ellisson)
WallSaying1~Starr Ghost
comet + hunny jar + gift~·therra laveau doe· (captainwonderpanties Resident)
Candy Jar Tall – Strawberry X2~Malone Brandi
Can of Mackerel~Quark Yifu
Tropical Plant 1 x5~Eric Linden
Fruit Plate~Qarl Linden
FURNITURE Picnic Table (17 Prims)~Tracey Kato
Toro. Bath Mat + Slippers~Hi how are you all (Jammeh Resident
Toro. Old Steel Shower~Hi how are you all (Jammeh Resident)
Toro. Shampoo Rack~Hi how are you all (Jammeh Resident)
Toro. Old Steel Shower~Hi how are you all (Jammeh Resident)
Steel backboard and shower roof~Dena Teardrop
*HEXtraordinary* Parakeet Pal – Sunrise

Created and shot all on Starr’s Platform high in the Sky ~

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