Part 2 cont’d…

As you step into the main portion of the living space of the Garage Conversion build by KraftWork ~ take a look around ~ Dena and I decided with it being an open room is dividing the spaces into quarters so you have room for bathroom, eating, sleeping, and sitting spaces ~ for us am reminded of that saying keep it simple and this works for myself not trying to cram into all the entire space guess first off am not good at arranging it to not look like its crammed LOL ~ as I give kudo’s to my friend Moz Loordes who can put so much into a space without it looking like it ~ ps ~ check out his blog and you will see what I mean ~

Straight on View

You can seem we decided on black/white theme for the color with pops of greenery and that luscious Red color as in the wall art really lended to a much needed pop of color to make this living space sizzle ~

Bathroom Area 

This really worked nicely again our finds on Marketplace were unbelievable cheap ~ good quality and prim count was rather low ~ with the exception of the privacy screens this came as one entire set ~ again that pop of red ~ tub is fully useable as well as the toilet *wonder if Dena tried it* giggling…

Eating Area

This is from the door as you can see on the Bay side ~ sticking with the pop of Red in the metal blinds and touches of greenery you have a nice dining area ~ oh and the words are something we all should live by dontcha think ~

Far left wall 

Punching it up with a nice black/white wall art sitting over a dresser ~ again we wanted to keep with the greenery as well ~ and yes I gotta apologize now that I see there was no close up shot of the bedroom as I loved the lamps we chose to accent the sleeping space am sure we will use them again in future projects ~ when we do will be sure to point them out ~

Seating area 

We brought in another type of seating that you can turn the rockers around to look out the window or enjoy a cup of tea solo or with whoever ~ and yes more greenery but not too much that it overpowers the look ~

Front Picture Window

Lastly we wanted another seating area to enjoy that gorgeous view out the front window and those poufs worked perfect plus Dena and I did get hungry so we enjoyed a slice of pizza along with couple bottles of cold Becks to wash it down…Dena and I truly enjoyed putting together a living space that you might not of thought to use with the Garage Conversion ~ plenty of open space, enough windows and all it needs is your imagination, creativity along with some bargain finds on Marketplace ~ Again this build Garage Conversion is by KraftWork and will be at Famished that opens tomorrow ~ Both of us truly hope that you enjoyed seeing how we would use this ~ gives you ideas possibly, maybe you would do it differently and we love to hear your thoughts and comments ~ thanks again for taking time out to read our blog both of us are very appreciative ~ hugzz to each of you and please keep Houston and those affected by the storm in your hearts and prayers ~ till next time ~ be safe, be good to others ~ peace ♥

Credits ~ Thank you again to my Sponsor KraftWork for giving me the opportunity to blog for them, to my bestie and blog partner Dena Teardrop for all she does ~ love her bunches and she can make me laugh so hard ~ to all my supporters and followers thank you again for taking time to read, comment and like ~ please remember prayers for those in Houston struggling ~ till next time Peace to you and others ♥

 = ArtDeco = Wall deco writing love laugh live
Armando Woodland ~ Dressing screen black –
♥.Simplicity.♥.- All bath items found
This Cozy Home – Perfect Potted Plant >PROMO< ~  
NOMAD // Art Noveau Table Lamp ~ Forest November
[NO CONCEPT] Rubin’s side table
Nikita Roussel Arbre noir~ Picture~ & Dressing Noir
Omegamus Janus ~table decoration and formal dining chairs
White dining room table by Payton Gabe
Dark Romance Wall Art~Damon Aulder
tarte. raleigh bed~Alessandra Donato (alixxbella Resident)
This Cozy Home – Perfect Potted Plant >PROMO<~Windsummer Resident
*Lok’s* Planter with Forget Me Nots &*Lok’s* Planter with Purple Flowers – – Sera Lok
Heart – Potted Plants – by ~ Lilith Heart
Fancy Decor: Birch CandlesFancy Decor:& Potted Succulents~Jake Vordun
Fancy Decor: Copper Magazine Holder~Jake Vordun
[sf] pot of candles & sf decor crate – tea [sf] brazier planter – dark m&c[sf] brazier planter – fern m&c& sf brazier planter – light m&c~ Heavenly Villa
Incendia White Microfiber Sofa Set End Table~L??I?™ (Lucie Scorbal)
Polar Bear skin Rug~created by (Angely Larsson)
Scarlet Creative – The Arcade: Venice Sofa Lace MT~Charlotte Bartlett
{what next} Bramley Rocking Chair (white)created by~ Winter Thorn
Potted Plant CHEZ MOI ~nanda Marjeta
Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – B~Soyoy Resident
DaD DESIGN “Knitted pouf” C/M~sheerpetal Roussel
[Neurolab Inc.] SPACE PIZZA~OnO Zinner (ono Zinner)
Becks Beer~caroline Planer
Beach Candle – Ocean~Mika Redfield
MeshPossible 1 Prim Split Leaf Philodendron Potted Plant MeshPossible 1 Prim Bamboo with Rocks Potted PlantMeshPossible 1 Prim Anthurium Flaming Flower Potted PlantMeshPossible 1 Prim Dracaena Corn Potted Plant~Sensei Bluebird

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