Outside the Box…

Sometimes you have to think outside the box especially when it comes to living areas ~ and Dena and I will be taking you on a journey with places you might not of thought would be living spaces ~ we think it challenges both of us to take spaces and see how we can make them liveable and pleasing ~ my Sponsor Kraftwork has a really interesting space that will be available at Famished starting on September 1st ~ first we are going to start with showing you the ad for the space then take you up close to show you with a little imagination and actually not much $$ as a lot we did get off Marketplace for under 10L ~ we hope you enjoy the series ~ the space we are working today is called Garage Conversion 

Available at Fameshed Sept 1

The pic above shows you the front and we wanted to have it inviting in a home setting as you can see below ~ adding grass, chairs, course we needed a lawn mower that I see in the near future as Dena pushing it around *giggling…

~ Looks inviting doesn’t it 

Let me give you a closer look at what we added ~ who knows maybe you will want to grab this for you next home ~ hubby actually loved this ~ as we are thinking of downsizing ~

Close up 

From the semi grunge chairs and you can see the push mower along with the welcome sign and window box this made it look a little more inviting ~ Around the back was still a mess and Dena and I are in the process of cleaning it up but we did want you to see how much room there is back there ~

Backside of Garage 

Couple clunkers that we will have to tow away, not sure that old ice maker still works and have to get someone to come take down the sign for us ~ put nice big parking space for your guests ~ you can also see the 2 bay doors that still will operate up and down ~ we took that inside space to another level ~

Right half of the inside Bay 

Yes for hubby and guests we added a fridge stocked with beer and wine as the sign above states ~ plus we needed a place for our laundry and ironing ~ still plenty of room to add washing machine and dryer as well ~ dog Zeus is smiling up a store because he has a whole area for him

Pet Area 

All the items you see are from KraftWork  Gacha’s and these are all now available at the Main Store for only 60L per pull ~ from the doggy wash, bowls, treats and even a pet store ~ course while you are there check out the rest of the store ~ back to the Garage ~

Side Wall 

You can see there is plenty of room to give you a nice variety Dena and I added some cute Rolling Puns that are also by KraftWork and yes are available at the store as well ok ok close up time

Rolling Puns

These added a little fun to our wall along with taking those guitars from a pose set and mixing them with a keyboard ~ and lastly on the other back end of the Bay we added a little office for us to use ~

Office Desk ~ 

Also what I like about this was the Bay doors do open yet even closed there is enough light that you don’t get that dark closed in feeling ~ yes the door you see opens up to the main part of the Garage and Dena and I made it a living space ~ because I really want to show this off to you properly this blog post will be in 2 parts ~ will continue Part 2 shortly ~ will credit everything you have seen so far ~ again if it says Marketplace we really found some great bargains ~ never know what you might find ~ cya soon ♥

Credits ~ thanks to my Bestie Dena Teardrop for so much ~ couldn’t do it without you ~ thank you to my Sponsor KraftWork for giving me this opportunity and to all my readers, followers and supporters ~ so appreciated ♥♥

Booby prize – Cold Beer Neon Sign ~ past prize from unknown source
Rocka Rolla Fridge #1 ~ found on Marketplace 
!! Follow US !! New Towel rail ~ found on Marketplace 
!! Follow US !! NEW laundry basket ~ found on Marketplace 
Weimaraner Dog Lying – Mesh – found on Marketplace 
12 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Stuff Book ~ Kraftwork Main Store 
5 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Bowls and Toys ~ Gacha item 
12 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Stuff Peanut Butter Bones ~ Gacha Item
14 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Mid Century Pet Bed ~ Gacha Item 
3 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Live Love Bark ~ Gacha Item 
8 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Woof Wall Letters ~ Gacha Item
9 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Good Dog Frame ~ Gacha Item 
10 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Dance Dog Frame ~ Gacha Item 
7 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Dirty Dog Wash ~ Gacha Item 
16 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Showcase Table ~ Gacha Item
13 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Grooming Doormat ~ Gacha Item
4 KraftWork Pet Shop Toys Chair ~ Gacha Item 
.::Nanika::. Guitar1 .::Nanika::. Guitar3 .::Nanika::. Guitar5 ~ found on Marketplace
.:M.LAW:. Rock Garage Music guitar keyboard ~ found at M.Law Main Store
KraftWork Rolling Puns – Kern Less ~ found at Kraftwork Main Store 
KraftWork Rolling Puns – Shot Serif ~ found at Kraftwork Main Store 
KraftWork Rolling Puns – Oh Crop ~ found at Kraftwork Main Store 
Monitor Display ~ zHilly Ansome Telephone pro v 2.09 ~ found on Marketplace 
Lawn Mower ~ found on Marketplace
Wine Bottles ~ from part of a Wine & Cheese platter found on Marketplace 
HNE Parking Lot – 3 Spaces ~ found on Marketplace 
*FIELD GRASS 1.4 ~ found on Marketplace 
Old Ice Cooler ~ found on Marketplace
Old Blue Car ~ found on Marketplace 
Wrecked Red Car ~ found on Marketplace 
Boyhood 13 Bike42 -past Arcade Gacha by The Silas Gallery
“Outdoor Nostalgia” Chair past gift ~

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