Save the girls…

Did you know there is still no cure for Breast Cancer? Did you know that 1 in 8 females will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer as well there is an increase now in men as well ~ what is the solution ~ EARLY DETECTION ~ no joke ~ this is so critical to possibly saving a life and every year starting back in 2012 an event called “Rock Your Rack” sets out to raise funds to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation ~ this truly is such a worthy event that am so honored to be chosen as one of the Official Bloggers for this event ~ Breast cancer has touched my life is so many ways ~ loss of a family member, loss of good friends and even myself I had a scare but through early detection a small tumor was found ~ operated, removed and found it was non-malignant  ~ still was a heart wrenching moment in time for me~ am very supportive of this cause as I hope each of you will be ~ am starting early to make everyone aware of this great event ~ this event will be amazing not just from all the Designers that are participating but the entertainment that has been lined up that for 2 weeks there will be lots to see, do and participate in ~ I will be posting a lot, showing you a lot as this event will only last 2 weeks ~ short & sweet ~ need more information on RYR event please click HERE for details, calendar, etc ~ please keep tuned as I keep you updated on all the happenings ~ remember early detection saves lives so please remember to check your girls at LEAST once a month ~

Rock Your Rack Event ~ Coming Soon 

Huge kudo’s to AƖƖysση Dωyєr-AρρƖєωнутє creator/owner of Something New for this pose that does come with those Awareness Ribbons ~ click here as she has them on Marketplace at a super low price…Again this is just an early notice for the Rock Your Rack event that I hope everyone will get involved ~ and course will be posting more updates ~ thanks bunches ~ hugzz

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