Takes my breath…

Yes it took my breath away and that rarely happens to me ~ confused on what am talking about am sure since I have not said ~ it is a Sim called Digital Art -Cammino e Vivo Capovolto that will TP you to his store first but you look for this cute tp and will take you down to the sim that once you stand up and turn around it is like WOAH!!!!



Mistero Hifeng is the creator/designer of this sim and sells those fantastic statues that you will see all over plus you can buy them as well ~ his work is at times no words could fully describe how amazing his work truly is ~

Another of his creations 

So many of them are thought provoking that you could use one image for an entire blog and what it represents for you ~ there are so so many photo opps here that I will go back time and time again ~

Another of his creations 

Those 3 images are just a tease of what this magnificent sim has ~ his talents are just so inspiring that at times just had to sit for a moment and there are plenty of places he has created for that as well ~ Again here is the TAXI to take yourself and see what this Sim is all about ~ please stick around as Dena has some items to show you ~ remember life is just too short to hate someone especially  if you are just basing it on outward appearances rather than taking time to know them…peace to all ♥

Credits ~ thank you so much to Mistero Hifeng owner/creator of Digital Art -Cammino e Vivo Capovolto for sharing his talents and his sim with all of us ~

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