Biker Chic…

When I opened this outfit called Roberta that is a body suit with boots from GeMyles I just loved it, made me think of some of the biker events that I have been too where you see the models draping themselves over bikes to show it off or should I say get the guys to drool over not only the bikes on show but the models too. Off I went to a biker sim named Brotherhood of Bikers-Rock “N” Country and got a nice hello from a biker named Clive that I just had to ask if he didn’t mind if I took pics of him on his bike with me standing next to him ~ he said sure that would be fine and appreciated the fact I asked…As you can see he is umm mighty fine ~

Wearing Roberta by GeMyles Couture

Oh my he must of been looking at the back of me and ladies this is not a demure outfit as I turn around you will see exactly what I mean but hey it does make your bum look hawt…

Bum View

I thanked Clyde for being such a good sport on letting me take his pics and show another group of bikers that I wanted to go up and say hi while I was here…

Wearing 2nd option by GeMyles Couture
Boots Included 

Even if you are not into the “biker chic” these boots would look awesome in that short mini or maybe that special someone just wants to see you in the boots and *** well you get my drift right…They asked me about the outfit and I told them that this is from GeMyles called Roberta and that if they wanted to pick it up for their partners they would be able to find it at *Designer Showcase* that is open now until 31st August.. one asked about the price told him and he was blown away with the price for this complete outfit so much that he would be heading over to check it out and take his girl with him…told the others that Gem makes sure about the fit for bodies including my Maitreya and that it has two color options too,they loved that fact along with the thigh boots with their laces and buckles and said I would fit right in here lol ..Sadly and all too soon I had to wave them goodbye and assured them that I would be back ~ Here is your RIDE to Designer Showcase ~ Till next Time Be Safe Hugs Dena ♥

Credits ~ thanks again to Clive Yardley for posing with me ~ and to GeMyles for giving me the opportunity to show off this sexy outfit ~

Am wearing:

Itgirls Cleo catwa skin applier
GeMyles Rochelle Thigh High Boots Maitreya
CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
GeMyles Roberta Black Silver Body Suit Maitreya
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Apex
Magika ~ Drive 
*YS&YS* ILLY Catya Shape (Tweaked)


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